With IMessage, Analysis of The Xiaomi MI-One, Galaxy Bundles Brown Engadget Mobile

As every week we do a weekly review of the news in the world of mobile devices. The week has been interesting, and although Facebook has monopolized much prominence by his imminent departure to bag, here we bring you a summary of the best in a new installment of Galaxy Engadget.

  • Our fellow Applesfera we talk this week of an iMessage failure and the controversy that is caused by the way of Gizmodo. Apparently, due to a bug in the IOS Messenger client we receive pictures and messages from other users who have previously inserted the SIM in that terminal. For the time being, the solution that Apple does not convince and is expected one update that solves this problem.
  • Xataka Android we witnessed a fight of Titans in the comparison between the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy SII. Powerful terminals in which the differences are minimal. Both give excellent performance while the standard bearer of Ice Cream Sandwich camera falters a bit. In any case, both deserve to be where be, at the Summit of most powerful mobile phones on the market.
  • Until not long ago talking about electronic devices designed and manufactured in China was a synonym for copies mean that large manufacturers were producing. However, the Asian companies are learning and surprise us with powerful smartphones that have nothing to raise to the other brands. This is the case of the Xiaomi Mi-Phone, in Engadget brings us a comprehensive analysis that pass this false myth collapses.
  • If we are of those who like us take advantage of our mobile phones and have an iPhone, at Engadget they teach us several applications to learn English. Apps of all kinds with which we will be able improve our grammar, the vocabulary and learning to cope in certain situations as for example the work. There is also for children, ideal so that they become familiar with the language of Shakespeare.
  • Engadget talks about Motorola and a slip that have had with some of the Motorola reconditioned Xoom is selling in the United States. Chuck is small, but some users have received tablets with data from its previous owners. The American company has already apologized and will pay the shipping charges for return the tablet, restearlo conditions and send back with a gift certificate worth $100.

Here comes our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget. We remind you that you can send us clues or links that you would like to see in the next installment. You can contact us through the contact form.