Will It Withstand Movistar without Subsidizing Phones? The Question of The Week

Without trying to be, Movistar to stop subsidising phones became one of the major news during the week of the MWC and the feeling is spreading is that this measure It will soon reach other operators.

Vodafone already made adjustments recently to monetize some more expensive equipment grants and confirms Pepe Romero in the interview to Engadget, for the time being will maintain subsidies just as they will do Orange and Yoigo.

Vodafone and Orange want to first wait to see the reaction of the market now that Movistar has become what is tray because after the risky step, it’s still the 95% of users accustomed to them “ give ” mobile.

It will withstand Movistar without subsidize phones or have to backtrack to get back to a model grant more sustainable if the results indicate that the change has been too aggressive?

Before or after Movistar will have to announce some improvement in their rates to be attractive to the competition but also requires that users continue hiring data rates for your smartphones, range of phones whose penetration may be very slower and doubly put Movistar not only because is picking up fewer customers if not because most likely that they do not hire data services. You will need Movistar to reverse or do you think that finally the measure will eventually extending short term to the other operators? Are we prepared to finance the purchase of a smartphone even interest-free?

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The perception of our readers in general is that If we have sufficient MVNOs as evidenced by the majority of responses being most valued commentary of pray Ot, in which a comparison with other countries back to leave us open-mouthed

Not only must sufficient, if not that sobran MVNOs.

What are needed are differentiating offerings, only that, in my opinion, offer something different are the of 555 MB free of simyo, pepephone without call set-up and the new data rate of tuenti. The others are merely copies.

I am living in Ireland, and here the most crappy OMV already gives you unlimited sms & calls free for one month only for recharging!! and 1GB for €7. When something like this in Spain? (by the way, use network O2, owned by Telefónica).