Vodafone Boosts Mobile Deliver Discounts Used with Additional Discounts of Up to 90 EUR

Against proposals for leasing with Movistar, Yoigo, although in principle Vodafone I would have chosen an opposite path by eliminating its service “new smartphone every year”, actually this movement was due more to eliminate obstacles since two services of the operator already allowed to do the same. One was the possibility of renewing mobile with payment once a year and another offering discounts if you handed your old phone that multiply during this Christmas.

Retrained, service of repurchase used mobile Vodafone added between 20 and 90 euros additional discount to the rating delivered mobile, which will vary depending on the range of the new phone you want to buy according to the following list:

The discounts will be instantaneous, and can deliver up to two phones used to lower both tablets as contract and prepaid smartphones but they are only valid for purchases in physical stores.

Thus, Vodafone will lower to 3.75 euros per month deadlines of smartphones including that for the time being, it is only “Christmas promotion” though we do not lose hope to recover some other timely promotion as the unlimited gigabytes that surprised us last year between December 22 and January 7.