Virginia Beach Virginia Travel Guide

Virginia Beach Virginia Travel Guide

Located in the extreme southeast of the American state of Virginia, Virginia Beach is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the Atlantic coast of the USA. The extensive seaside resort is only a few hours’ drive from the American capital Washington DC and in close proximity to the famous Chesapeake Bay and the historic triangle of Virginia with Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.

Enjoying life and the moment is not difficult in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach has a total population of 425,257. The lively coastal city on the US east coast is a vacation paradise for young and old. The kilometer-long white sandy beach, the elegant beach promenade and a large number of hotels of all categories with over 10,000 rooms invite you to a relaxing beach vacation in Virginia Beach , also as a stopover during a round trip. Nightly entertainment is especially popular on Atlantic Avenue.

Ideal conditions for a perfect vacation : In addition to the numerous activities in and on the water – from kayaking tours to the dolphins to tours on a pirate ship – there are exciting leisure activities such as a climbing tour through the high ropes course or skydiving, which ensure unforgettable holiday experiences.

Three beach experiences in one

  • Resort Beach:
    The most famous and probably also the liveliest stretch of beach is the Resort Beach directly on the Atlantic Ocean with lots of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this is the longest fun beach in the world – ideal for those who want to experience a lot on vacation. On the beach promenade, the Broad Walk, concerts, shows and events take place daily, which parents with young children like to attend.
  • Sandbridge Beach: Sandbridge Beach
    , on the other hand, is quiet and secluded . If you like it a little quieter, the south of Virginia Beach is the place for you. Guests relax here in holiday homes or apartments and enjoy a picturesque view of the natural beach.
  • Chesapeake Bay Beach:
    Families with small children will feel particularly at home on Chesapeake Bay Beach with its gently sloping beach and shallow water. Because of its calm waters, the beach on Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States, is also popular with water sports enthusiasts.

The fun-loving coastal city is one of the most popular vacation areas in the USA and offers beach adventures and a lively inner city as well as untouched nature, culinary delights in the form of fresh oysters and seafood from the region as well as a carefree attitude towards life, true to the motto “Live The Life”.

Sport and adrenaline rush in the beach paradise on the US Atlantic coast

The popular vacation spot on the US east coast is the perfect place for a whole range of outdoor activities. The element of water offers many possibilities – from fishing, surfing, stand up paddling, parasailing to kayaking. Extensive nature reserves, parks and wildlife reserves, almost 200 kilometers of navigable waterways and a 56-kilometer long ocean beach with dreamy bays invite you to go hiking, cycling, jogging or building sandcastles.

Indoor Sky Diving – flying without a parachute

Indoor skydiving at iFLY in Virginia Beach

Adrenaline rush guaranteed: Anyone who has always wanted to know what a skydive feels like should visit iFly Virginia Beach . You can experience this in the indoor skydiving facility without having to jump out of an airplane. With the help of a wind tunnel created by four extremely powerful fans, free fall is simulated – without a parachute.

This attraction has existed since January 2015, which provides an adrenaline rush even in bad weather: At iFLY Virginia Beach , visitors can fulfill their dream of flying in a wind tunnel. Every iFLY guest is supported by a trained employee so that they can enjoy the flight experience to the full. Prior knowledge is not required for the skydiving experience. Everyone, young or old, can “fly” here. Beginners receive a detailed briefing and the necessary equipment.

Appointments are easily arranged online. The duration of the flight and how often one climbs into the wind tunnel can be determined by vacationers – different packages are available. iFLY Virginia Beach is located in the so-called “Oceanfront Resort Area”, only a few minutes away from the five-kilometer-long beach promenade.


Flyboarding is a young water sport and stands for unique experiences with a guaranteed thrill. The extraordinary thing about flyboarding is the feeling of freedom, because similar to flying, the board floats over the water. The flyboard is propelled by the water jet recoil of a jet ski , which makes it possible to float up to nine meters above the surface of the water. Similar to a snowboard, the device is strapped under the feet, the rest lies in the athlete’s improvisational art.


From stunts over water such as ax turns to rapid immersion in the cool water, there are countless ways to have action fun while flyboarding. For newcomers, the jet ski and flyboard are controlled by two people. Advanced users operate both themselves. In Virginia Beach, the provider offers Xtreme-U courses on all aspects of flyboarding.

Climbing experience in the high ropes course

Families with children are particularly excited about The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium , which opened at the end of 2014. In the high ropes course, various climbing paths with different levels of difficulty as well as an outdoor labyrinth can be explored. The park offers children from the age of five 15 color-coded courses with different levels of difficulty that can be discovered in the treetops. Over 160 exciting transitions between the platforms challenge young and old. In addition, a special “outdoor labyrinth” with 40 additional levels awaits adventurers. In the high ropes course, fresh air, fun and excitement are perfectly combined when climbing between the trees and while ziplining (zip line).

Virginia Aquarium

A visit to the Adventure Park can be perfectly combined with a trip to the neighboring Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center . In the largest aquarium in Virginia, more than 300 different animal species can be observed, in addition to numerous marine life such as stingrays, cobras and Komodo dragons.

On the back of a horse

What could be nicer than a horse ride on the beach ? In Virginia Beach, even people who have never been on horseback can convince themselves why the happiness of the earth should lie here. In spring, autumn and winter, the city’s wonderful sandy beaches are transformed into an Eldorado for riders. No matter whether you are a professional or a beginner – everyone will be delighted by the guided rides by the sea. Inexperienced riders naturally receive extensive instruction.

Mini golf with light effects

A stay at King Neptune’s Mini Golf promises a special kind of family fun . Because the location is not just a mini golf course that is played inside instead of outside. Here the course leads through a colorful underwater world with special black light and 3D effects.

Adventure in the water park

No matter whether you are very young or a little older – the Ocean Breeze Waterpark offers fun for everyone and not only makes children’s hearts beat faster. The highlight of the park is the “Adventure River”. On the more than 300 meter long river you can drift comfortably or cross waves and fountain areas. The amusement park offers a wide range of activities for everything to do with cool water with numerous action-packed water slides, tubing tours, a huge wave pool, special children’s areas, restaurants, etc.

The Atlantic Fun Park promises another adrenaline rush . In the amusement park there are rides for young and old, so that everyone gets their money’s worth there.

Sailing adventure with pirates

A fascinating sailing adventure awaits vacationers at Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventure . On board the “Lost Pearl”, the sails are set to look for the lost treasure stolen by the villain Blackbeard on the vast expanse of the sea. On the tour, the kids not only learn a lot about sailing, but can also watch dolphins and, last but not least, have an exciting water fight before the treasure is shared among all participants.

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Center

Paradise for animal and nature lovers

The heart of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is the Restless Planet area. The animals live in their natural habitats, modeled on the humid swamps of Malaysia with the most endangered crocodiles in the world, the volcanic islands of Indonesia, home of the Komodo dragons, the deserts of North Africa where scorpions and snakes live and the Red Sea with its colorful Coral fish, viewed from a 12 meter long glass tunnel.

In scientific stations, visitors experience an appealing mix of an educational program, entertainment, experiments, games and unique artifacts. For example, they can virtually produce coal, simulate a volcanic eruption, create an ocean and analyze 750 million old rocks. There are loads of games for children such as “Puzzled Earth” and “Where in the World”. The gallery of “Restless Planet” is a kaleidoscope of 100 rigid and moving images, created to animate the guests to think about our earth and the very personal behavior of the environment.

In addition to the “restless planet”, there is a gigantic holographic globe that shows how the American continent, including its plants, land and aquatic animals, has changed over millions of years.

Exploring marine life

The largest aquarium in Virginia has been offering boat trips from its own deck since 1989. As leaders in coastal and environmental protection, the Virginia Aquarium employees aim to pass on their knowledge. The interactive program brings young and old closer to observing sea creatures and arouses enthusiasm for protecting life in the water.

The “ Atlantic Explorer ” takes visitors on a 90-minute excursion into the fish-rich waters off the coast, where dolphins of the genus Bottlenose dolphins on their migration through the Atlantic in summer transform the sea area into a huge playground without being disturbed by the boats allow. An underwater microphone can be used to listen to the calls of the bottlenose dolphins. Experts tell about the animals’ unique behaviors and explain what is being done to protect this species. Attentive visitors can also catch a glimpse of brown pelicans, bald eagles, and sea turtles.

And when the dolphins move on in October, the fin and humpback whales prepare for Virginia’s coastline, where they can be seen from December to March. During this time, the gigantic marine animals migrate – the fin whale is the second largest animal on earth – and also pass off the Atlantic coast of Virginia Beach.

The aquarium team organizes special rides for children who are not satisfied with just looking. The kids fish various animals such as seahorses, stingrays and blue crabs out of the water. Under close supervision, the animals are then explored in a temporary storage pool before they are released back into the ocean at the end of the tour.

Nature and outdoors

Virginia Beach is also home to natural wonders on land and is the gateway to over 75 square kilometers of state parks and game reserves , including Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, First Landing State Park, False Cape State Park, and North Landing River Natural Area Preserve. The guests go out on their own or let experienced guides show them the beauties of the landscape, flora and fauna.

You can also experience pure nature in First Landing State Park . Virginia’s most popular state park is ideal for hiking, biking, or boating.

Avid anglers from all over the world come to Virginia Beach every winter. Tens of thousands of striped perch are drawn to the city’s coasts from October to April. Because the Chesapeake Bay is the birthplace of 80 percent of the east coast population who start their spawning migration here. It is no coincidence that Virgina Beach is the world capital of the ” striped bass” , as the striped bass is called in English. Even inexperienced anglers can make a good catch when winter fishing in the coastal town.

Discover Virginia Beach from the water

  • Exciting water rides Rudee Tours offers water rides from romance to action fun. Every day at 7 p.m., a leisurely boat trip invites visitors to enjoy the picturesque sunset. Dolphins playing can be observed from the deck of the boat and the coastal promenade with its famous lighthouses shines in the evening light. Those who are more adventurous will find what they are looking for on the Rudee Rocket Speed ​​Tour. The 20 meter long boat takes visitors on a fast-paced adventure ride along the coast with views of dolphins.
  • Be your own captain
    If you want to take a boat trip and also have the helm in your own hands, Bay Venture Boat Rentals will find suitable offers. Bay Venture rents boats, but a boating license is not mandatory. Vacation captains can cruise the inland waters of Virginia Beach – from Linkhorn Bay to Broad Way to the Lynnhaven Inlet. A trip to the beach, the wakeboard, tube and the like attached to the back of the boat or stopping at the next jetty to have a bite in one of the many restaurants on the water – there are many options. The boat offers enough space for 14 people.


The wide selection of high-quality restaurants shows that culinary delights are also high – another reason for a stay in Virginia Beach.


The Cavalier

The striking building of the legendary Hotel The Cavalier has been enthroned on a hill in the middle of Virginia Beach with a view of the Atlantic coast of the beach and bathing resort on the US east coast since 1927 . Built in the Roaring Twenties, the hotel played a major role in establishing Virginia Beach’s reputation as a top vacation destination. During the years of its existence, the impressive, Y-shaped hotel has welcomed numerous celebrities , including several US presidents as well as national and international personalities such as Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mohammad Ali and Judy Garland.

After extensive renovations , the Cavalier Hotel has reopened to guests as part of the Autograph Collection Hotels from Marriott International since February 2018. US $ 75 million was invested in the development of the building and furnishings to meet guests’ demands for the hotel’s most glorious years. Wherever possible, emphasis was placed on reusing original parts such as windows from the original hotel after careful preparation.

There are three different restaurants to choose from for all culinary desires in the hotel . Another important element in addition to the luxurious pool is the spa area . In nine different areas, guests can fully relax in various saunas, including a Himalayan salt sauna, a hydrotherapy pool and a relaxation room. A particularly unusual detail is the in-house bourbon still , which invites you to try the fine drink.

Great attention has also been paid to the design of the guest rooms. These were completely reconfigured, and the original 195 rooms were converted into 85 significantly more spacious rooms and suites. Each one of them has been individually designed and refers to a famous guest or a special event in the hotel’s history.