Users Benefited or Harmed after Stop Subsidizing Mobile? The Question of The Week

As a user, actually no I worry if operators win or fail to win after presenting their new business models that they reduce the subsidy from mobile phones in Spain but there are several questions that assail us of if we will really hurt.

Irrespective of the profitability of purchasing mobile free or not, who wants a subsidized mobile It will be a little more difficult with respect to what were used so far though You can get it and who only look for rates economic, the MVNO will remain its main destination so the main doubt is:

Do you know loyalty to customers seeking mobile subsidized? Users end up injured or, as operators are keen to say, existing customers will benefit?

It all depends on whether the methods of loyalty are at the height of that offered by operators such as Yoigo, Orange, Carrefour, Eroski mobile portability or the multichannel since in addition, all indications are that the feints have its days numbered for all customers have access to the same conditions without the need of “ threatening ” with the change of operator.

Another factor to consider is that many expected reductions in rates (at least in catchment) but only Vodafone has dared with a shy 15% discount in some cases and is that in general, Movistar and Vodafone will continue subsidizing mobile current customers by what the rates will have to continue to endure the cost of the phone so this possibility seeing the reactions of operators, increasingly is going away more.

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