Upgrade to 4.2 of The S3 Galaxy Android Could Integrate Smart Scroll

A few days ago was published a new rumor about the impending Samsung Galaxy S4, which according to integrate a new so-called eye tracking technology Smart Scroll.

Now new data pointing to this technology that allows vertical scrolling in all applications with the eyes could be also prepared to get in the official update of the version of Android that appear prepares for the Samsung Galaxy S3.
According to the data that have been leaked on XDA Developers forums such Update Android 4.2 It would include this unique feature, which will be especially aimed at use with the native browser Samsung integrated in their devices, but that catches could also be supported in Chrome or reading e-mail messages.

Smart Scroll technology allows the vertical scroll on the screen with our eyes, and She accompanies the technology Smart Pause, that allows the phone to pause the video playback if it detects that the user deviates from the screen.