Ukraine Travel Warning

Ukraine Travel Warning


Traveling by plane

The best flight connections are the routes from Kiev to Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Odessa. Aerosvit (W) (Internet: is one of the largest domestic airlines in Ukraine.

The national airline Ukraine International Airlines (PS) also offers domestic flights, including from Kiev to Donetsk and Odessa.

On the way by car / bus

According to youremailverifier, most of the road network is paved in Ukraine. The roads are generally in good condition. The important cities can be reached via good motorways with refueling and overnight accommodations. There are now also private car repair shops, but spare parts are often still in short supply.

Unleaded petrol is available at almost all petrol stations. Nevertheless, you should fill up with fuel at every opportunity and carry a reserve canister with you. At petrol stations you have to pay in the local currency. Credit cards are rarely accepted.

run between larger cities, but using them is not recommended.

Rental carĀ 
are available in larger cities. However, the vehicles on offer are often in very poor condition. Taxi: Also an alternative for long journeys, the trip from Kyiv to Odessa costs around 200 US dollars. Documentation: International Driving License and International Green Insurance Card.


Traffic regulations:
seatbelts required.
Blood alcohol limit: 0.0%.

Speed limits:
within built-up areas: 60 km / h,

on country roads: 90 km / h,

on expressways: 110 km / h,

on motorways: 130 km / h.

Anyone who has had their driver’s license for less than 2 years may not drive faster than 70 km / h.

Traveling in the city

There are buses, trolleybuses and trams in most cities. The metro in Kiev is clean, affordable and reliable. However, buses and trolleybuses are usually overcrowded and run at very irregular intervals. On some routes there are minibuses that stop as often as you like. There is no public transport between 01:00 and 06:00. Taxi:
For Russian-speaking passengers, the fares are very cheap. Taxis have black and yellow lights. There are private and state-owned taxi companies, state-owned taxis have taximeters, and the price of private taxis should be agreed in advance. Generally you pay in foreign currency. Taxis can be called by phone or by raising hands in the street.

On the go by train

Daily connections between all major cities. There are now comfortable and modern trains. The trains have 3 travel classes. The train is more reliable than flight connections, especially in winter. It is not easy to buy tickets.

On the way by ship

River cruises between Kiev, Sevastopol and Odessa are very popular. Tickets are available from various tour operators.

Travel warning

Armed clashes have been taking place in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts) since spring 2014. As a result of a peace plan agreed in Minsk, the fighting has currently weakened, but has flared up again and again at some neuralgic points. A renewed escalation cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, non-urgent travel to the following places / districts (rayons) is not recommended:

  1. a) In the Donetsk region (oblast): Pokrovsk (previously Krasnoarmiysk), Dobropillja, Oleksandrivka, Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Lyman (previously Krasnyj Liman), city of Kotlyne (previously Dymytrovo), city of Novohrodivka, city of Selydowe, Manhuschotewe district (formerly Perschotewe), City of Mariupol.
  2. b) In the Luhansk Oblast: Bilowodsk, Novopskow, Trojitske, Biloukrainka, Markiwka, Milowe, Starobilsk, Swatowe, Kreminna, Rubishne, Sjewjerodonezk, Lysychansk.

When traveling to the above-mentioned districts (rayons) of the areas (oblasts) Donetsk and Luhansk, it is recommended that you contact the Foreign Office or the Consulate General Donetsk (Dnipropetrovsk office) before your departure, and contact the planned travel dates in the external link, opens in a new window to enter German list.

We urgently warn against traveling to the following places / districts (rayons) in the areas (oblasts) Donetsk and Luhansk:

  1. a) Donetsk Oblast:

Amwrosiyivka, city of Avdiivka, city and district of Bachmut (previously Artemiwsk), Volnovacha, Nikolske (previously Volodarske), city and district of Kostyantynivka, Marjinka, Novoazovsk, Starobeschewe, Boykivske (previously Telmanowe), city and district of Shakhtarsk, city and district Wuhledar, city of Horlivka, city of Debaltseve, city of Torezk (previously Dzerzhinsk), city of Dokuchayevsk, city of Donetsk, city of Yenakievsk, city of Shdaniwka, city of Khrestivka (previously Kirovska), city of Makiyivka, city of Snishne, city of Kharzysk

  1. b) Luhansk Oblast:

City of Alchevsk, city and district of Antrazyt, city of Brjanka, city of Holubivka (previously Kirovsk), city and district of Sorokyne (previously Krasnodon), city of Khrustalny (previously Krasnyj Luch), city of Lutuhyne, Lutuhynsky district, city of Luhansk, Novoajdar, Perevalsk, city of Pervomajsk, Popasna, town of Rowenky, Slovianoserbsk, Stanyzja Luhanska, Dowshansk (previously Sverdlovsk), town of Stakhanov

Travel to the Crimean peninsula is strongly discouraged. According to international law, Crimea still belongs to Ukraine, but is currently actually controlled by Russia. Since June 2015, travel to the Crimea from the Ukrainian mainland requires an entry permit from the responsible Ukrainian authority, which is only issued under certain conditions, but never for tourist purposes.

Furthermore, shipping traffic is currently subject to restrictions due to the closure of the sea ports of Crimea to third countries.

Consular protection cannot currently be granted to German nationals there given the current situation. Travelers across the country are strongly advised to behave carefully, follow media coverage carefully, and carefully follow these travel and safety instructions. Demonstrations, rally locations and crowds should be avoided at all costs. Participation in fighting by separatists is a criminal offense under Ukrainian law.

Germans are also advised to add themselves to the list of Germans via external link, opens in a new window

Worldwide safety notice Please also note the external link, opens in new window, worldwide safety notice.

Ukraine Travel Warning