Twitter Launches Official App for Android (But Only for the Latest Handsets)

After announcing the purchase of one of the most popular Twitter clients for iPhone (Tweetie) in order to turn it into an official application platform, it is the turn of Twitter make your foray into Android. Through the service blog announced today the official application Twitter for the mobile platform from Google.

The application comes with a great integration of Twitter intothe operating system, allowing, for example, that see what was the last tweet of a given contact that is displayed on the agenda. And, of course, the application does all the basics you would expect from a Twitter client for Android: Reading tweets, write answers (replies), “favoritar” tweets, add geotags, etc.

But (always have to have some but) the application only runs on version 2.1 of the system “or higher” (something that has not yet been released), ie, only two or three smartphone models worldwide are compatible (as Nexus One, for example). None of them are officially sold in Brazil.

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As the Android update is up to the operator (or manufacturer), many homeowners still waiting anxiously to get out of version 1.5 or 1.6. Until software reports work on Milestones running Android 2.0, but you can not take anything for granted in such cases, in which the developer does not consider the officially supported version. The great diversity of the Android platform is on the one hand a great feature, but this fragmentation is the price it charges for it.