Travel to New Zealand

Travel to New Zealand


New Zealand is a hiking paradise and offers the charm of the unspoilt – for the country and the people alike. The locals, called “kiwis” after the national symbol , are remarkably hospitable, and the Maori culture is extremely interesting.

Forests and beaches show an undreamt-of vastness and harmony. Volcanoes, glaciers and remote lakes make the country the perfect destination for nature-loving travelers. In order to fully enjoy the independence, an individual camper tour is recommended here .

New Zealand Map

At a glance


National language: English

Capital: Wellington, approx. 200,000 inhabitants

Local time: CET +12

Entry requirements:

  • A passport valid until the time of departure.
  • A valid return or onward ticket for a stay of a maximum of 3 months.
  • When checking in for a flight / cruise, proof of the electronic entry authorization NZeTA must be provided. You can apply for the NZeTA yourself at Processing time can take up to 72 hours. Costs: between 5 and 7 euros (it is cheapest via the immigration authority’s app: Google / Apple ). When applying for an NZeTA, the new international environmental and tourism tax IVL of around 20 euros is also recorded. More information at:

Vaccination requirements: No vaccinations required.

Local currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Recommendation: Cash at the ATM by EC card with the Maestro symbol or by

Withdraw credit card. Credit cards are very common.

Power supply: 240 volts alternating current, 50 Hz., Adapter required

Best travel time: From November to April. The seasons in New Zealand are opposite to ours. The climate ranges from subtropical in the north to cold in the mountains. You should always have a fleece and a rain jacket with you.


Modern, reliable vehicles with automatic transmissions and sophisticated equipment are available for our carefully prepared tours. The excellently developed roads, the low volume of traffic and deceleration to a maximum of 100 km / h make driving in New Zealand child’s play – despite left-hand traffic. Our mobile homes are a maximum of one year old and offer all the comforts so that you can enjoy your dream trip to the full. A German contact person is available at all times for all routes.

Star Flex prices
Current Star Flex prices including Star RV Pack between 94-407 EUR / day (available on request)

  • Flex prices are based on a very simple system of supply and demand, which determine the rental price on a daily basis.
  • The prices are updated every week by the landlord. In general, this means the earlier you book, the cheaper the rate!
  • The flex rate of the first rental day determines the rental price for a rental period up to the 7th day. From the 8th day, the flex rate for the next 7 days is taken as a basis, etc.
  • The landlord grants a 5% discount if the rental period is 21 days or more. This does not apply to the Star RV Pack.
  • Any rebooking will be treated as a cancellation and will be treated as a new booking.

special instructions

  • If you book up to 180 days in advance, Star RV grants you an early bird discount of 5% on the Flex rate. This does not apply to the Star RV Pack, but can be accumulated with the long-term rental discount.
  • Exception: no early bird discount in the period 15.12.18-15.01.19.

Vehicle equipment

  • Mercedes / VW, diesel, automatic gearbox 75 l tank (consumption approx. 12-14 l / 100 km)
  • ABS, driver / passenger airbag, power steering
  • 2 seats in the driver’s area, with the larger campers more seats in the rear area; each with seat belt
  • Passage from the driver’s area to the living area
  • Heating / air conditioning in the driver’s cab
  • Heating in the living area with gas
  • backup camera
  • Power supply 12/240 volts
  • independent dual battery system
  • Cigarette lighter (12 V)
  • Shower / toilet
  • Sink with hot and cold water
  • microwave
  • Radio / CD player, TV / DVD player
  • Storage space
  • Fire extinguisher


  • Rental vehicles are subject to availability. The category is confirmed, no best. Vehicle. Services can be changed on site at the local conditions. In the event of a shortening of the rent, a refund will not be granted under any circumstances.
  • Further conditions are available on request

Aquila 2-bed camper

Technical details: Length: 7.10 m / Width: 2 m / Height: 3.20 m / Vehicle interior height: 1.90 m / Bed dimensions: 2 mx 1.70 m

This is
what your camper offers: three-burner gas stove / 1 gas bottle 4 kg / refrigerator 110 l with freezer compartment / 70 l water and waste water tank / dining table with seating area

Note: No possibility for a baby or child seat.

Our tip: This well-equipped vehicle has everything two people need for a vacation in New Zealand.

Pandorra 4-bed camper

Technical details: length: 7.70 m / width: 2.30 m / height: 3.50 m / vehicle interior height: 2.10 m / bed dimensions: 2.10 mx 1.50 m (above with safety net ) 1.90 mx 1.30 m (in the rear)

This is what your camper offers: three-burner gas stove / 2 gas bottles á 4.5 kg / 1 electric hotplate / 150 l refrigerator with freezer / 150 l water and waste water tank / dining table with seating area

Note: Max. 2 baby or child seats possible.

Our tip: This spacious camper is ideal for discerning travelers. Unique electronic bed-lift system in the rear.

Hercules 6-Berth Camper

Technical details: Length: 7.70 m / Width: 2.30 m / Height: 3.50 m / Vehicle interior height: 2.10 m / Bed dimensions: 2.10 mx 1.50 m (with safety net at the top ) 2.10 mx 1.40 m and 2 mx 1.20 m

This is what your camper offers: d three-burner gas stove / 2 gas bottles á 4.5 kg / refrigerator 150 l with freezer / 100 l water and waste water tank / 2 dining tables with seating area

Note: Max. 2 baby or child seats possible.

Our tip: Well suited for groups of up to 6 adults. The large awning also enables an outside experience.

Prices and dates due to the current Corona situation are still subject to confirmation by the partner agencies on site. / Price surcharges for the turn of the year, Easter and local holidays are possible.

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