Themer Will Be in Public Beta on October 1

If there is an application that I follow your progress with some interest that is Themer. A launcher that goes a little further than the rest to offer us a lot of different layers and, a priori, quite attractive. Colorful they are, certainly, we’ll see if result then practices or I will end up going back to Nova Launcher.

Its creators have been sent an email telling that on October 1 it would begin a public beta for all those who have signed up to the mailing list. If you are interested in trying it still are in time because the list is open. What is not clear is whether simply send a link to the apk or will make a program Google beta.

That Yes, they shall give priority to those who have signed up before but we will have opportunity to try it before they publish it on Google Play. To liven the subject, and never better said, they have risen a few styles more, as which they see above the television game of Thrones series and Grand Theft Auto V.

I hope to take advantage of the potential of people who collaborate on another project: MyColorScreen. Where users from around the world come up customizations of Android so everyone can make them. Another issue, is as I pointed out before, if behind so many images and colorful details we launchers functional and useful. We will know soon.