The Ultimate Guides and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will debut tomorrow, April 11. We already met her at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and we speak of it. Applicants to be better mobile of year one and is reason missing because it aims very high. Now do you know what you can do with it? It has many tricks in its interior.

In technology you you want discover you its secrets so that from the first day you know make you the most. Are you are thinking to get ahold of him? Don’t worry, we will also teach you all about it and you animes to renew your smartphone. Are you ready? Let’s start here.

The Ultimate Guides and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Configure your Samsung Galaxy S5

When we turn the smartphone for the first time, will get a wizard that will guide us step by step by the settings on the phone. If we have used a mobile phone with Android before, sure that will be very familiar to us: configure our connection WiFi, email account… A very intuitive process.

Once we have completed all the steps, we encourage you to give you to the application (the button with the mosaic of small squares) menu and see all that come already installed. It is very useful to familiarize yourself with the phone and see what offers us Samsung.

The Ultimate Guides and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5 1

Done, we can enter Google Play to start downloading which we normally use: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter… You just have to find the name of the application. Need suggestions for applications? In blogs such as Engadget Android Free Android or you will find many ideas.

Anything else? That’s it, the Setup process will take you only a few minutes or maybe more if we install some applications. Whatever it is, we already have our Samsung Galaxy S5 ready to be used. Yes, let’s see a few tricks to get the most.

The Ultimate Guides and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5 2

Tricks that will help you learn more about the smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S5 aims to be the perfect companion for every day. Not only for work and our personal sphere but also to take a little more care. How? Thanks to sensors that incorporates we shall be counting the steps and throughout the day will tell us how much we have walked and calories we burned.

All this will find it in the S Health application that comes installed by default in the Samsung Galaxy S5. Would you like to know more about you? If you just do sport and want to tell your beats, simply enter this application, click on the option to measure heart rate and put a finger under the camera, on the back of the phone.

The Ultimate Guides and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5 3

Protect your mobile so that anyone go? We can put a pattern or a PIN code but with the sensor of fingerprints that has built-in will only slide the finger from the bottom of the screen to unlock it instantly. Fast, effective and very safe.

Do you know how get more out of the camera? The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with many effects and shooting modes but one of the most interesting is the variable focus system. What does it mean? After doing a photo then we can change the focus point.

The Ultimate Guides and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5 4

We just have to take a photo in this shooting mode and then select the point where you want to refocus. This is useful if you have objects at different points. For example: one near, one halfway and finally one at the bottom. Remember that there are also many more effects and artistic filters to get out.

You can find more information about the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the dictionary.

It seems that since the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 the Korean company wants to lift its head so high, there is more to see the effort they have put in to differentiate themselves with their Samsung Galaxy S8, something that will probably also try with the future Note8.

But, as you know, Samsung is not only engaged in telephony, but also puts its nose in various sectorssuch as computers, appliances, and even developing its own car. And, in the latter, it seems to do quite well, as the South Korean Ministry of Land has authorized the company to test the car on public roads.

The Autonomous Samsung Car Can Already Circulate In The Streets

Although many do not like it, stand-alone cars promise to be the very long-term future, and Samsung knows it. So the company has been working on this type of vehicles, but according to Young Sohn, the South Korean giant’s director of strategy, this does not imply that they are interested in its construction.

As you can read on SamMobile, a year ago, Samsung modified a racecourse owned by it to test its autonomous car, and now the South Korean Ministry of Land has granted permission to the company to drive the car through the streets.

As we have said before, according to Samsung’s director of strategy, developing a standalone vehicledoes not imply that they are interested in incorporating their manufacturing into the company’s business portfolio. It seems that they are more interested in becoming suppliers and collaborators of traditional car companies.

Something that makes a lot of sense with all the efforts that Samsung has made to develop its own operating system-like Bada or Tizen, which could finally have its use inside the autonomous cars.Although you will find two tough competitors in Android and Apple CarPlay.