The Imminent Announcement of The Galaxy SIII, Google Drive Debuts, The Invasion Android

There is less than a week so that we will see the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The rumors have been intensifying in recent days and the alleged images of the terminal have multiplied. We’ve also known some technical details but it seems that we will have to wait for the may day three out of doubt. There is life beyond the Korean, Sony has introduced a model of entry and Xiaomi triumphs selling its Mi One like hotcakes.

The other big news of the week has been Google Drive. After many rumors finally cloud Mountain View is available in the form of app for Android. Opinions in favor and against, the truth is that now we can try and draw our own conclusions. By the way, if you have a Xperia you’ll know that Ice Cream Sandwich is just around the corner and if you have a Galaxy SII with Orange already is starting to get this update.

Although these have been the two central themes of Android news, have also spoken of applications. Twitter and Facebook have been updated with various changes and improvements in the interface. Chrome for its part will leave the phase beta soon… but we will see if it will reach the other versions of the operating system. For past David spoke After Focus, an application to simulate goals and approaches in our photos.

Finally we leave you with a round of games. Yago speaks to us of the latest Kairosoft: Pocket Academy. For lovers of the undead ZombieSmash we have and for the fans of Angry Birds Space and Cut the Rope we inform you that there is update with new levels. Finally a much less curious rumor do Wii U with Android? There are those who believe that it could be so.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.