The Huawei Mediapad X 2 Will Unify Your Mobile Devices, The Test

Yesterday Huawei presented by the bajini your new X Mediapad 2, an update to the Mediapad X 1 with features that comes using the mark in their latest high-end. Many proprietary technology carries the flag of this new small tablet of the Telecommunications giant.

And I mean tablet as I could say phablet, because the barrier is not fully clear here. The tablet with function calls may be the solution for some, especially in Asia. We tell you what seemed to us this small 7 inch and LTE.

Stretching 7 Mate one inch more

It is likely that if you have taken a look at the product description you’ve realized you quickly: Mediapad X 2 is an Ascend Mate 7 stretched, with some tweaks in hardware. Hardware that, largely, is typical of the brand.

Even the design is really similar, with aluminium body and rear upper and lower bands that give output to LTE connectivity, in addition to 3 G HSPA + up to 42Mbps, with the possibility of dual SIM. Also comes with the latest standard of WiFi 802. 11ac in two bands, 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.

The feeling of the X 2 in hand is good, is light and very thin (less than 7.2 mm), and still carries a generous 5000 mAh battery. His Kirin 930 processor is also the same as we see Matt 7, of eight cores (4xA7 + 4xA15), although this time high-performance cores come in 2.0 rather than 1.8 GHz.

A great improvement over the phablet of the reference is one of the largest drawbacks we saw him. Unlike Honor 6, where this small great defect not be repeated. We speak of the sensitivity of the screen, an impressively quick response which, together with the power of this device make their management to leave a good feeling in use.

No doubt a good tablet for anyone who wants to give that application or want to dare with that mixed use which we talked about, and step eliminating the phone completely.

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