The Free Roaming in Vodafone Will Also Be Included in The Rates for Mobile Internet

Vodafone still exploding one of its main advantages compared to other rates of other operators: the free roaming in Europe and the U.S.. And will do so starting from 17 June, at which time, will also be included in all rates of Mobile Internet contract.

From that day on, both new customers and the current having contracted a rate to navigate in Tablet and computer through MiFi or USB modem, you will enjoy the benefit to keep browsing also when travelling abroad without having to activate or request anything as already occurs in the rates for talk and surf.

The only free roaming is valid for customers of contract in any of the current rates ranging from the 2 GB for 14 euros, through 6 GB for 27 euros or 15 GB for 45 euros. In addition, these rates include TV Online with access to the Freeview channels through Vodafone in tablet TV through the app as in the browser on the computer.

So is the offer complete rates Vodafone Mobile Internet