The European Commission Will Decide Feb. 13 If It Approves The Purchase of Motorola by Part of Google

One of the most important news of the past year was the purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google for 12,500 million dollars. Google acquired to Motorola for its large patent portfolio to be able to defend Android and to help the rest of our partners in this war of patents, but can not do so because legally still has not materialized the purchase, missing its approval by Governments.

The European Commission If you agree to purchase Motorola by Google to make it effective in our territory, it will decide on Feb. 13. The Commission requested more than one month ago several documents to both companies to see if you can have problems of monopoly and harm competition.

For its approval in the United States there are no dates, but expected that the regulators of the US Federal Trade Commission. UU. not take much to give their response. Google is confident that both agencies understand that this acquisition is good for competition and give his approval to make the purchase effective.