Test: Skullcandy Gate

Headset that does its best to make cheaper than what it is.

It should be cheap to get good sound, it is in all cases Skullcandys thought with gate. Just the sound may well be regarded as being on par with the price tag, with the fine detail in the treble and a bass that is at least brölar above all else. As is customary in the price range, there is not much to pick from the midrange, but approved it anyway on the whole. The same goes for headsetfunktionen, which is the quality “it exists and it works” but not much more. Some form of folks does not exist either.
However, what is interesting is how Skullcandy designed their headphones. They seem to be made to look as if they were purchased for a dog ring, survived seven difficult years, cobbling together the best of its ability, and then be found in the gutter somewhere. Nothing in the design gives any kind of luxurious impression and that’s really just the of stuffed the ear cups that feels full and clean (and actually is the right comfortable). The rest looks old and very much used, but in a hugely conscious way (read, not so disgusting like really old lures can be). White plastic is yellowed, other color is mixed matte and glossy with a hint of sprayfärgsstruktur and so on. Why you want to buy a few lurking for just over five hundred bucks that looks to cost less than half as much we do not understand, but let go.
Definitely a couple fooling you buy just for the design and then probably because you want to go against all lyxdesignade or colorful headsets that bit represents the norm. The sound is nothing like surprises, but it, along with the idea behind the design leads to an approved.