Tea Would Be Able to Pay for Things Via WhatsApp? India Released an Option That Could Conquer The World

The next revolution of WhatsApp would be mobile payments. Messaging service It will give the option of making payments between users in India in the next six months, and if all goes well, can that that option ends up coming to the rest of the world in the short term.

It is what ensures a company in that country who knows some of the details of a project in which UPI, a bank payment system backed by the Indian Government will also be involved. The idea seems since then interesting, and would make a striking alternative to WhatsApp to enhance the use of the tool even more… and more profitably.

Although in WhatsApp have not confirmed or denied information, last February the co-founder of the company, Brian Acton, traveled to the India and admitted that they were assessing the implementation in March payment services as an integral part of the service Messaging.

In WhatsApp already declared that his intention was to provide tools to companies to take more advantage of WhatsApp, and may there be the secret of the future profitability of a service that is following the right path according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Without (economic) commissions

Facebook already integrated this option in Messenger in the United States, where this application is especially popular. However WhatsApp has a significantly higher range, and the experiment has special meaning in India, where the use of credit cards is very low and where in addition this platform has become a curious support to facilitate the operations of electronic commerce between companies and users.

In the case of payments via Messenger, there is no Commission in such operations for sending or receiving money, and as they pointed at Wired for Facebook the benefit is in the data that you generate in such transactions: “once Facebook has that data, can develop services – income – generating that you are tempted to spend money”.

It is even surprising that WhatsApp is took so long to consider an option like this knowing that alternatives such as They have exploited WeChat especially successfully. It is waiting for the service to make its debut in India and see how it works. Who knows: can that in 2018 WhatsApp will become the great alternative to current mobile payment systems.