SVS SB-1000 In The Test: The Purest Price Bangers

It was once in America: SVS specialized in subwoofer and gained a strong position in the market with competitive Direktvetriebsangeboten.Meanwhile, the Yanks offered excellent speakers, but subwoofer are still their specialty. There are the wide range of 10 to 13 inches in two versions. The designation PB stands for “ported box”, so bass-reflex principle. SB stands for ‘sealed box’ and is suitable by the higher impulse precision in its sealed design particularly suitable for music.

SVS SB-1000

The SB-1000 is the smallest closed subwoofer in the SVS program and will cost 550 euro just, but he needs in this test with his 12-inch long-throw bass with double ferrite magnet not to hide. With its 300 Watt sine wave strong sledge DSP amplifier he arouses the jealousy of some more expensive rivals.

Everything You Need On Board

The equipment is rather clear, but completely sufficient. The volume potentiometer and the continuous phase regulation can be found on the back in society of an infinitely adjustable low-pass filter with a position for “disabled / LFE”. Stereo RCA inputs are also on the rear panel outputs plus stereo RCA outputs at 80 Hz high pass filtered. For amplifier without subwoofer output keeps the SVS on the back of the housing clean processed (in high-gloss 650 euro) also ready high-level connections to connect the speaker outputs of the control unit.

Although the SB-series primarily to sparkle with music, the SB-1000 with movie sound made a very good figure. Mind Yes regardless of the Modellpolitk of the manufacturer, that many home cinema enthusiasts are not on an overly lush bass or that they have enough Bassüberhöhungs worries by room modes. And just in the living room, hardly anyone with Bassfallen or DBAs to emerge from the affair. The SVS’s was able to knead the diaphragm, without in any way is booming or to hum, of action operates special effects. Detonations and shots were fast and dry like blanks, drums and bass guitar in concert recordings also-a dream of timing.


You can forget smooth, that the SVS foiled only 550 in very quality glossy only 650 euro costs, in the face of sound and processing. The purest price firecrackers.