Sometimes Even Google’s Servers Hold Up

The servers Google are among the most reliable in the face of the earth. Time and again we see a problem like the Gmail, which affected only 1% of the user base but it was enough to make hundreds of thousands of people without email for a few days. But in terms of bandwidth capacity, they are powerful. Or at least would be enough to place the live broadcast of a worldwide event.

For the first time that has news, a live broadcast YouTube is with all positions filled. Who try to watch the lunar eclipse that is happening now in the Google video site can come face to face with the warning “This event is currently full. Please wait a few moments and Then refresh the page to try again,” which basically says that the transmission is crowded and asks the user to keep reloading the page to get in.

Those who had the illusion that Google’s servers were all-powerful and had endless traffic limits, is here recorded this finding: even Google have their limits. Just do not know for sure what it is.