So Much by Big Brother on You

Background: read about the in-depth monitoring, as you are exposed to. See how much information the State collects about you, your life and your smartphone. Keep in mind that you’re not paranoid if they really are after you …

Your telephone company knows a lot about you, but don’t you know how much your telephone company records about you? So read on here and become wiser.

All telcos in Denmark must register a wide range of information about your use of your smartphone. It is the authorities who have imposed on telecommunications companies that register quite a variety of information about you and your usage.

But how much, actually-and why?

Telecommunications companies must therefore sign

Telecommunications companies in Denmark is forced to sign-or register if you will, a lot of data about your whereabouts and usage of its smartphone. Telecommunications companies are using not even all of that information, but they must collect information so that the police and intelligence services can subsequently use the information, if this is necessary.

A few of the collected information using telecommunications organizations to fakurering of consumption, but the extent of these informations to fakureringsbrug is not as extensive as the logging, the authorities have imposed on telecommunications companies.

More specifically, so is the Code of civil procedure section 786, paragraph 4. , as telecommunications companies must follow. This paragraph reads as follows:

“It is the responsibility of providers of telecommunications network or telecommunications services to make registration and storage in 1 year of information about teletraffic for use for investigation and prosecution of offences. The Minister of Justice shall determine after negotiation with the Minister of science, technology and development, detailed rules on this registration and storage. “

The established framework, as telecommunications companies follows, can be found in the so-called Logging notice .

Telecommunications organizations so just follow the law, but can we find out what the telecommunications organizations to register with the authorities?

Know your right

Nicolas Fredriksen from has done a great job of finding out if we can get the Denmark what telecommunications companies register of information.

Before Nicolas Frederiksen, went into the case, it was very unclear whether, in the light of the Danish legislation could require insight into the registered information.

After several months of tug of war with Business, the Danish Data Protection Agency, the Consumer Agency and Consumer Ombudsman he received the Danish Data to confirm that we can require insight in all the information, as the same telecommunications company saves about one’s consumption.

It is therefore in the light of Nicolas Fab great work that this article’s author can look the telecommunications organizations in the cards.

As I have said, so done

On the basis of the personal data Act, section 31, paragraph 2, so is your telecommunications company is obliged to disclose the information, as the register.

And now this article author both curious and at the same time has a healthy paranoia, and why not use the right to examine what telecommunications companies and the authorities “know about us all together.

The article author is using among other things the phone company 3 private, and therefore precisely this telecommunications company was asked to provide an overview of the collected information.

To confirm that the information communicated stemmede with reality at the same time, the three other major asked telecommunications company if they also included both section 4, section 5 and section 6 of the logging Ordinance.

It is precisely these clauses refers to as, what you as a telephone service provider and internet service provider (ISP) are required to sign. Our site confirms that they log information both as a telephone service provider and internet service provider (ISP).

In practice we would ask its telecommunications company to provide information, and then have the phone company 4 weeks to supply the material, usually delivered on CD-ROM in a readable format-that is, more often than not a Microsoft Excel file.

The phone company must provide information free of charge, but most will charge a fee of 200 dollars to transmit the information registered by post Denmark, which they can charge. On the way, they also ensure that the sensitive personal data will be received by the correct owner.

All the logging information telecommunications companies have a duty to keep for 1 year.

So much by your telephone company about you

It went not quite good in the first place. After several weeks of waiting time transmitted 3 a description, to what the logs of information. Or right said, so the company sent a list of what the after section 4 is required to sign as well as a detailed description.

section 4 says that telecommunications companies must sign the following concerning mobile telephony:

  • Traffic type (Internet access, telephony, SMS/MMS)
  • Time of beginning of the traffic
  • Transport length in seconds (Only by telephone)
  • Used IMSI number (SIM card number)
  • Used the IMEI number (the phone’s serial number)
  • Assigned private IP address (only for internet traffic)
  • A-number (the number that makes traffic-Only by telephony and messaging) *
  • B-number (the number that receives traffic-who you calling)
  • C-number (the number that is forwarded to-if this is currently)
  • Customer name and date of birth at the time of the traffic
  • Connected to the antenna mast, his address, coordinates, unique IDENTIFIER, and angle

* Please note that A-number will not be logged, in case of an incoming call when the person calling can have secret number, which you of course should not be informed.

An IP address is row numbers, such as your mobile phone uses to contact a particular server. When you URf.eks. Enter, then this address via a so-called DNS server translated into 194,182,128,105

This translation is invisible to you as a user, and it takes place automatically in the background. You know the IP address, then you also automatically whether you have our website.

Everything on the Web will be logged

As I have said, so there was a lot of information from the 3, but the phone company reported not to log after logging 5(3-4) and § 6, which relate to the internet communication-so everything you do on the Internet.

Why was telecommunications company 3 contacted again, and again asked to hand over all information regarding. the logging. This second time was specifically requested information in section 5 and section 6.

It’s a little surprising response from 3 was that the phone company does not register information on the basis of section 5 and section 6:

The answer sounded like this:
3 detects only the IP address you had assigned in connection with a given data session.

We thus do not detect which IP address you are accessed, what websites or rest information you have submitted via the data connection.

The legislation is put together in a way that makes that there are certain minimum requirements that must be met. Somewhat freely interpreted, then reverse other information that telecommunications provider must disclose if the provider’s system is designed to make the registration. So nothing provider must disclose, if not it is recorded.

If you use your mobile phone with 3 to surf, so is it only information under section 4, which will be logged.

But we have at of course also asked our site on the only sign under section 4, or whether they also sign under section 5 and section 6. The answer from both our site, is that they all log information for both section 4, section 5 and section 6. 3 stand so off by only signing under section 4

3 stand out from the other telcos so we took of in 3 for an explanation.

-“We log see the logging section of the Executive order on 4 and parts of section 5. section 6 is not relevant for us, since we do not have their own email addresses. When we had it in the past, had we also see. the article. With regard to article 5, so is it correct that we comply with parts of it – namely that we log the user’s IP address and time, but not the IP addresses of the sites the user visits. The part we should also log in relation to logging the order, but since it is so large amounts of data, our systems can not handle it. We get, however, new systems during the spring, that can handle the large quantities of data – and we also want to keep the part. “explains 3s Communications Manager, Stine Green Paulsen, and she elaborates:

-“Who has since the entry into force of the Executive order not been logging requests from police or other authorities on the type of information.”

section 5 and section 6 is also interesting

But what’s so interesting about section 5 and section 6. Of course, these two clauses relate to all data communication-so when you use the Internet.

section 5 and section 6 of the Executive order says that following the logging information to log:

  • afsendender IP address
  • receiving IP address
  • Transport Protocol
  • sending port number
  • receiving port number
  • time
  • the assigned user identity
  • the user ID and telephone number allocated to communications that are part of a public electronic communications network
  • name and address of the Subscriber or registered user to whom an IP address, a user ID or telephone number was allocated at the time of communication
  • the time of beginning and end of the communication;

Telecommunications companies can avoid registering above, if instead detects infomationerne about every 500. data package. In practice, this type of monitoring, however, useless, since telecommunications companies performing this logging in, logging every 500. data packet that goes through their network before the signal goes out on the vast internet. Thus it is quite random if it is you, your neighbor, or a completely different, which gets its aktivtet logged.

With section 5 and section 6 will be able to see who you communicate with. So which website you are visiting, and based on the port number, you can determine whether you URf.eks. using Skype, Bittorrent or another service.

The information the authorities can use to show that you logged on to the net and surfed for juicy pictures of a new LG phone on at 08:00, and that you are at. 08.01 a streamed video, and to you the Bell 08.10 laved a Skype video chat to your buddy in Kalundborg.

The authorities also know with high probability, who has used the connection, as your name, address and telephone number are also logged. And finally, the competent authorities may also see that you logged off the Web at 08:30.


So by your telecommunications company is NOT about you

The authorities can not therefore specifically to see the pages you surf on, if you visit, but they can see that you have visited

The authorities cannot see the contents of your data traffic, so the contents of the websites you have visited, or what emails you have written. The logging only shows that you have visited Web pages, and it displays who you have sent e-mail messages to.

The same applies to the content of an SMS and MMS messages.

Your telephone company may in theory also does not see where your phone was at a specific time or right now for that matter.

But as soon as there is the slightest form of data communications, then it will be logged. So if you receive a push notification via a Facebook application or a message through iMessage, then will be the time for data receipt logged, and your approximate location will be also registered.

It should be noted, however, that if you move your around, so keep your phone contact to the network, and which can therefore take place somewhat “invisible” traffic that you do not notice when your phone URf.eks. switches send mast.

Your telephone company may not, therefore, in the best “Enemy of the State” style (American action movies/red) follow your phone in real time while you are on the phone.

Your telephone company may also not see what applications you use or what you do in your applikaioner.Again with the small but that applications using data via the Internet. Also logs the telecommunications companies nor what you enter on Facebook or in your Internet Bank.

Briefly summarized so you will be monitored intensively, so when you use your smartphone. But now remember that you’re not paranoid if they really are after you …



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