Smart Orange SIM Will Allow to Browse Multiple Devices at The Same Time with a Single Rate and Increase Traffic with Extra Bonuses

After Vodafone and Movistar, now only needed Orange by presenting a multi-device data rate to allow sharing traffic included in the Dolphin rates with multiple devices simultaneously.

The proposal of Orange It is very similar to the Movistar and now allows all the customers with a dolphin tarifa they can hire the new Smart SIM to share traffic in its dolphin form with different devices at the same time (USB modems, tablets or smartphones) by a cost per month of 3 euros per each additional SIM card and without any kind of permanence for this service.

You can hire a maximum of 1 Smart SIM for each ID and the service is also available for Internet Everywhere rates.

New Internet Extra bonuses for sailing at full speed

Orange has also thought of those who seek greater flexibility in their data rate since so far users with tarifa Dolphin not could combine voice and data to your tastes for what in some cases, the traffic included by default could stay something short so Orange also launched new Internet Extra bonuses that allow to sail at full speed.

In this way, the users who prefer not to see reduced browsing speed once surpassed the initial franchise of any of the data rates (dolphin, Internet economy, Internet Plus and Internet Everywhere for tablets and computer), may add 200 or 500 MB additional to their rate for a cost of 5 or 8 euros respectively from which the speed reduction that tariff has established in its terms shall apply.

These bonuses can hire without having the Smart Sim and will both be available for new customers as for already customers of any data rate. Remember that initially, includes 100 MB, 300 32 Dolphin Dolphin 20 MB, Dolphin 42 500 MB, 750 59 Dolphin MB and Dolphin 79 1 GB.