Sights of Adelaide, Australia

Sights of Adelaide, Australia

This Australian city, which is less known to the general public, has many sights to see. The city is known for a number of special features, the many churches, its beautiful green parks, the Christmas parade, its fantastic wine regions and the wide boulevards. The Festival of Arts also takes place here every year, bringing people from far and wide to Adelaide. Art in the broadest sense of the word is central to this. Especially in the months when it is cold and chilly with us, the temperature in Adelaide can be called wonderful. Areas like Chinatown, North Terrace and King William Road have plenty to offer even the spoiled tourist.

Adelaide ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. King William Street
According to Ask 4 Beauty, the wide King William Street is the widest main street of all Australian capitals. This carotid artery of the city of Adelaide runs right through the center and a number of parks. To the left and right are sights such as the Elder Park, Adelaides Festival Centre, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the House of Government. There are also many fashion and other luxury shops on this street. It’s not called the longest “Catwalk” in Adelaide for nothing.

#2. St. Peter’s Cathedral
With its huge towers and size, this Anglican cathedral is a good landmark of the city of Adelaide. On a corner of the important King William Street stands this imposing church on just under four thousand square meters. There has been a lot of attention to detail, both on the outside and the inside. After raising funds, St. Peter’s Cathedral was built around 1870 and then opened its doors around 1877. The towers and the chapel were added later.

#3. South Australian Museum
The South Australian Museum of Natural History is located on North Terrace near the Adelaide Parklands. In the museum you can find a lot of history about the Aboriginal people and other cultures. In addition, a few things are told about mammals, fossils and South Australian biodiversity.

#4. Victoria Square
In the heart of Adelaide city center is this pretty square with its statue of Queen Victoria and fountain. Called the ‘Three Rivers’, the fountain was designed by Australian sculptor John Dowie. This square is especially important during the Christmas period. Every year there is an almost twenty-five meter high Christmas tree on this Victoria Square. The adjacent King William Street is a busy street that runs right through the center.

#5. Adelaide Festival Center
Next to the Adelaide Railway Station, this Convention/Festival Center is located in the North Terrace area. It has been expanded several times since its construction in 1987. The specially designed building is used for many conferences, expositions, exhibitions, parties, events and banquets. In addition, it has about fourteen meeting rooms that can also be used for various purposes.

#6. Adelaide Christmas Pageant
The Adelaide Christmas pageant takes place towards the end of November each year. In 1933 when it was founded, it was named the John Martin’s Christmas Pageant after the department store of the same name. The procession with an average of sixty floats, dancers, musicians and clowns starts in the center of the city. The tour is about three kilometers long and attracts more than 400,000 visitors every year.

#7. Adelaide Botanic Garden
This fantastic botanical garden can be visited in the vicinity of Adelaide Park Lands. On the estate is the Palm house with a remarkable collection of flowers. There is also a rose garden in the park and a Bicentennial Conservatory which is very remarkably designed. There are also some historic buildings and a glass sculpture.

#8. National Wine Center
If you’ve always wanted to know everything about winemaking, this is your chance. The National Wine Center of Australia can be found here in Adelaide. During a guided tour you will learn everything about the techniques, growing grapes, comparing and of course tasting wine. Many rows of vines can be found next to the museum.

#9. Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute
This art museum on Grenfell Street specializes primarily in Indigenous Australian art. Everything about traditions, lifestyle and clothing is discussed here. Visual arts and performing arts keep you extra fascinated as a visitor.

#10. Glenelg Beach
Just outside the city of Adelaide is the suburb of Glenelg with its beautiful beach. Due to its beach, water sports and good restaurants, the place attracts thousands of visitors every year. On Jetty Road near the beach there is a walking jetty with a length of approximately 215 meters. For entertainment you should take a look at The Beachouse. Here you will find attractions such as a climbing castle, a mini golf course, slides and a carousel. There are some shopping and entertainment options near Jetty Road.

Adelaide, Australia