Should Mobile Operators Always Permitted The Voice over IP? The Question of The Week

Hiding behind in offering a sustainable growth model, operators are often restrict the use of the voice IP at certain rates to make sure that your use canivalice revenues due to lower consumption of traditional voice, and as a result left the mobile net neutrality in a questionable State.

Yoigo It has been the first to start charging explicitly today by the IP voice after announcing it during MWC 2012 and as you would expect, the reactions are not being very positive even if we focus on the users what is the priority?

Is the neutrality of the network with the optimization of expenditure in conflict? Would it be better to force operators to not giving the option to reduce the price if not using voice over IP?

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Responses from last week once again demonstrate that generally users still do not trust the operators being voted, quite brief but shocking response which tries to transmit from the operators. The most valued commentary was that of asap:

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