Samsung, The Controversies and How Beat Nokia, among Others. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

As it is usual every Sunday, we completed the week with the usual review of some of the most curious and important news in any way related to the world of mobile telephony. Yes in the Galaxy Engadget Mobile last week we opened outlining the poor financial results of Nokia in the first quarter of the year, today we begin echoing us one of the most direct consequences.

  • And it is that it is may have happened to any interested party on the future of the industry ignored the fact that, after fourteen years as undisputed leader, Nokia lost the first position as leading manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide, giving the post to a landslide Samsung. Company which, on the other hand, has not hesitated to generate controversy in the prior to the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S on May 3 with her latest video. As it could not be otherwise, have it to you in Engadget Mobile.
  • In direct relation to the next flagship of the South Koreans, we can read in Engadget a detailed article on the benefits of the Samsung Exynos 4 Quad, a new four-core processor that promises.
  • Check that Google was in 2006 working on their first terminals with Android, even before the appearance of the iPhone that put the industry legs above, gives much to think about. Our colleagues from Engadget Android offer us a sample of what was then went heads of Mountain View, accompanied by an interesting demonstration video engineers.
  • Although more difficult to believe cost the fact that to the Cupertino is had passed them by head incorporating a full QWERTY keyboard to the iPhone in its design phase, as we are told in Applesfera. More if possible, recalling the presentation of the first phone of Apple by the own Steve Jobs, showing different times with keyboard smartphones and complaining about the great difficulty of this method of entry it involved in a small device.
  • We ended with Steve Wozniak and their praises to Windows Phone, after having done the same with Android a few weeks ago. In Quiviger You can take a look at the statements of the co-founder of Apple and “confundidor” in it comes to technology.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.