Samsung Has Given a Twist, Is The Correct Way?

Yesterday Samsung introduced its flagship of 2015, with the exception of the Note that will surely launch in autumn, the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge). And this time it has given a significant twist to what we had used in design and some features.

Perhaps this turn is motivated by the loss of thrust from the mobile division. And there is some decline of Samsung as a maker of mobile phones, which requires a turn, rotation that occurs in this 2015. We’ll see if it works.

Materials, Samsung breaks the boundaries that are especially

Whenever we speak of Samsung his name is associated with the plastic boards. Samsung phones, at least the top of the range, always had a lot of this material, even have lately when out with synthetic leather finishes.

And after many complaints and thousands of lines written on the topic of plastic and Samsung, have finally decided to get your high-end top finishes. This time metal edges and glass in the rear.

Aesthetically, it is a big difference. Terminals, despite having a design very similar to those of the previous generation, are more elegant. If something they were managing to win Sony and HTC against Samsung was in premium finishes and here Samsung, finally, there’s nothing in what they lose in the comparative. Their premium terminals have premium and point finishes.

What has it been left on the road? First and most important to those who carry so much time defending Samsung finishes: the shock resistance, as the plastic always holds more. The second thing that has fallen is the resistance to humidity and dust, thing you can do in these finishes like Sony shows in each generation of its Xperia, even in the middle ranges.

SD card and battery sets, the big stick

But where are the major criticisms to this new handset from Samsung is not the loss of protection IP67, but two characteristics that have always accompanied to Samsung: the possibility of expanding the memory card microSD and the possibility of changing the battery.

Samsung argues that with this design you could not put a slot microSD, something difficult to sustain since Sony achieves this with a unibody design and very similar crystal. And within the Android community many people is no fan of the expansion card.

Google comes long pushing for terminals without SD card, its range Nexus does not carry them from the Nexus S. SD cards are great for storing photos and multimedia but the initial target which had on Android, expand capacity, gives problems. Manufacturers at the time included terminals with low memory and expandable SD but this gave problems: always have to have some internal space; the SD memory is slow; If you remove the card many applications not can be released… and Google decided to start pushing for more internal memory. In fact they made changes from time to time that make that not in all terminals can move applications to the SD.

Samsung always has had its expandable terminals but on this occasion has decided not to do so. And many users will complain. To do this offers up to 128 GB models, which is enough I think, but of course, prices are much higher than the of a single microSD card. The controversy is served.

Regarding the battery, it is clear that if the rear is glass that the battery is removable and very difficult to. Other manufacturers have much time with terminals unibody without major problems and although it is true that there is a niche of users who want to take over several batteries with portable Chargers is not so popular. The criticisms will be lower, but there will be.

Will users appreciate these changes?

The key question for these changes is if they will be valued by the users. It is not easy to know why Samsung has been leading all these years and now is in decline. Is it only by design? Or was it because at the beginning of Android was the strongest hit and now there is much competition? And if it was by design, people now want terminals with a more careful design with materials more premium that a few years ago and that is why they are losing share? It is difficult to know.

We will see how they behave Samsung sales in coming quarters, only then we will know if the giro that have given has served for something. And let’s not forget that we have presented an interesting innovation, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which shares design but with rounded edges, giving a novel aspect and that few manufacturers can imitate.