Samsung Galaxy SIII Premieres in London, Analyze The Orange Tahiti, Invasion Android

Since the beginning of the year the new flagship of Samsung has been the talk of the Android world. Following multiple rumours the Korean presented last Thursday Samsung Galaxy SIII. A model that brings many new features to its predecessor and also comes to compete strong with its direct rivals. What’s more, there are those who even to speculate that it has been designed to avoid the demands of lawyers. If you want to see it in detail, don’t miss our photo gallery.

Although the Galaxy SIII has been the news of the week it was not the only one. Our colleague Yago has analyzed the Orange Tahiti, a rather interesting economic tablet. We also talked about problems in the production of chips in Qualcomm and the consequent delay of the Padfone. If you have a Note Galaxy and you like to test ROMs, we already have a version of CyanogenMod 9 with support for the S-pen. By the way, don’t forget to integrate Cerberus on your Android for better security.

As every week we also have applications. Starting with Flipboard, which will be exclusively for the lives a few months. Facebook Messenger has been updated with significant new features and LG has launched its service in the cloud in collaboration with Box. If you like photography this week we recommend Pix, an app for retouching images. Talking about applications: If you want to hide them Ice Cream Sandwich with this tutorial you we teach how.

Finally a bit of news about the scene. Android continues to dominate the United States market and its share already exceed half of the cake. Despite this, Ice Cream Sandwich It continues to grow very slowly for month-to-month. Speaking of the latest version of the operating system, Txema teaches us a trick to improve the appearance of our apps, adapting them to Holo.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.