Samsung Galaxy SIII and Its Multiple Rumors, Angry Birds Space Debuts, The Invasion Android

MWC releases have done rumors to cease and it is that now all eyes are fixed on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This week we have had lots of rumors but it seems that the real thing is this image. Speaking of the Korean company, Ice Cream Sandwich for the SII source code is now available. By the way, this update has been delayed in the Note, although it will come with juicy news. Another release that already has date is the Huawei Ascend D Quad: July.

Another company that has also had its dose of prominence has been Sony. On the one hand have known that their tablets update will come in April and that the source code of the Xperia S It is now available for the creation of ROMs. Indeed, our colleague Damian already have this model in their hands; the analysis will come soon. Now, let’s talk about applications that this week we have plenty, starting with the return of The Humble Bundle to Weather Flow, an application to check the weather in our smartphone and Android.

In this aspect, the apps, the protagonist of this week has been Angry Birds Space. If not you’ve downloaded, you have our experiences in an in-depth analysis. Alkar has brought us a selection of applications to follow the Formula 1 and for the more hardcore gamers have a reissue of King of Fighters for Android, although at the moment it only works on a few devices.

Finally, we remind you that Fruit Ninja has been updated with online multiplayer mode, we talked about SpyTOOLS, an application to record audio and sound without us being detected, and of MessagEase, a new concept of keyboard for Android. By the way, according to a study it seems that apps with advertising consume more battery. Do you prefer free apps with advertising or do you pay them? This is our question of the week.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.