Research Says That 0% of Users Pay to Use Twitter

A survey done by the University of Southern California released last week revealed that no American Internet user would pay to have access to Twitter. The study was conducted over the last 9 years by the Center for the Digital Future (Center for the Digital Future, in free translation) from the university and took a representative slice of American web users, including in many social media, to reach conclusions.

Among other findings, the survey revealed that more than half of respondents preferred to see ads than pay to use the service. But 70% of said web ads are ‘annoying’ and 55% said they never would click on one.

And you, the reader our site? Even though Twitter is not planning to charge for use, there is a case where you pay to use this social network specific? For example, if each character would cost R $ 0.001 to be posted (R $ 0.14 per tweet)? No? And me neither.