Real or Fake? First Review of the Galaxy S IV Is Ready

There have been many rumors, and now it looks like the first review of the Galaxy S IV is ready. But is it real or fake?

It lasts not long before we know exactly what Samsung will present as “The Next Galaxy”, but in recent weeks there have been a number of rumors and læks. Recently the Chinese website mobile. Our site published a complete review of the product, which has not yet been officially. It writes our site.

The notification is made out from the dual-SIM version of Galaxy S IV and is complete with benchmark tests, comparisons of monitors, review of the latest version of TouchWiz and much more.

Our site has also tested wireless update on Galaxy S IV, which at least doesn’t work on Fatboy-pad – this can, however, be because it does not use the Qi standard, which Fatboy supports.

Galaxy S IV is also tested on the AnTuTu benchmark and Exynos 5410 Octa scores 25,446 points, thus hitting the Snapdragon processor with 600 a only 0,03%.

Whether it is a genuine test or just guesswork, and second, it will be we soon learn.

Our site follows Samsung’s event throughout the evening.