Playboy Launches Politically Correct Site

Playboy is a world famous magazine, which for years was young adventures fellow discoverers of female beauty (stopped by). In recent times, the corporation behind the brand has invested in the diversification of media, including the web. In its efforts to make more profit, it is the creation of a new website, unlike anything you’ve seen related to the company.

The The Smoking Jacket is the new onslaught of Playboy on the network. For the first time, the company launches a site that is less sexy / pornographic and more informative. The Smoking Jacket contains substances, articles and tips focused – obviously – in modern man.

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magnate, said that the new website is “safe for work”. Translation: Playboy realized that most of the access to sites is done during business hours when people are at work. How does not look good into the, which on their homepage already show women in provocative photos, Playboy company chose to create a new form of access to their content.

No prediction of when the Smoking Jacket win a version in Portuguese.

It will handle?