Places to Visit in Cochem, Germany

Places to Visit in Cochem, Germany

According to Top Pharmacy Schools, Cochem is a small town in the central western part of Germany. Cochem is located on the Moselle and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The first thing you notice when you enter Cochem is the Reichsburg of Cochem. This beautifully restored castle has been watching over the city from atop a hill for more than a thousand years. Cochem has a beautiful historic center with beautiful baroque houses and half-timbered houses. You can enjoy shopping in the cozy narrow streets that connect the various squares in the center. Many of the shops present are aimed at tourism in Cochem.

Top 10 things to do in Cochem

#1. Reichsburg of Cochem
When you visit Cochem you cannot miss the Reichsburg of Cochem. The stately castle is built on a rock about a hundred meters above the city. It is generally assumed that the castle was built around the year 1000. The castle was in the possession of several Counts Palatine in the following centuries until the castle was largely destroyed by the troops of the Sun King in the 17th century. In the nineteenth century, the ruins were bought by a merchant who restored the castle to its former glory. Since 1978 the castle has been in the possession of the city of Cochem. There are several guided tours of the castle in different languages.

#2. Historic market square
The beautiful historic market square of Cochem makes you long for times long gone. The most beautiful building on this square is the baroque town hall. The Martinsbrunnen stands in front of the town hall. This beautiful fountain has been the center of Cochem’s historic market for many years. Most of the buildings on the market square are half-timbered houses with shops on the ground floor. From the market square you can explore the rest of the historic center of Cochem through the narrow little streets.

#3. Moselle wines
The area around Cochem is known for its excellent Moselle wine. The Moselland is the oldest wine region in Germany. About one hundred and twenty-five towns and villages can be found along the Moselle where Moselle wine is grown. What makes the Moselle wine unique are the conditions in which the vines are grown. The vines are grown here on very steep hills, making it often impossible to pick the grapes mechanically. The vast majority of the grapes in the Moselle region are therefore picked by hand. Riesling grapes are mainly grown here. This grape variety is known for its fruity but intense taste.

#4. Old Mustard Mill
The old mustard mill of Cochem is located on the right bank of the Moselle just north of the Skagerak-Brücke on the station street. The old mustard mill or Senf Muehle as they call it here is originally a Dutch mill that was bought at the end of the last century by a German who restored the mill in its entirety. Since 2001 the mustard mill has been put back into operation and mustard is being ground again. This delicious mustard is for sale here and is made without preservatives. The mustard is made according to old historical recipes. It is also possible to take a tour of the mill.

#5. The Sesselbahn
The Sesselbahn or chairlift of Cochem takes you to the Pinner Kreuz, the most beautiful viewpoint near Cochem. The mountain station at the top of the chairlift is about 150 feet above the city. Once on top of the Pinner Kreuz, you have a beautiful view of Cochem and the Moselle valley. In case of bad weather it is also possible to travel to the mountain station with a closed cabin. From the mountain station it is about a twenty minute walk to the wildlife and recreation park Klotten.

#6. Peterskapelle
The Peterskapelle also known as the Plague Chapel of St.Rochus was built in the period when the plague swept through the country and hit Cochem. The chapel was built by order of the Archbishop who left the city to flee from the plague. The old chapel was rebuilt during the second plague period and can still be found in its original place. You will come across the chapel if you walk to the Reichsburg from Cochem via the narrow steep path that runs along the left side of the mountain.

#7. Moselle
The Moselle is a river that rises in the Vosges in France. Next to France, this river flows through Luxembourg and Germany before finally emptying into the Rhine at the city of Koblenz. The banks of the Moselle are covered with vines. This is where the most delicious Moselle wines come from. The Moselle is one of the most important tourist attractions for Cochem. Several tour boats depart from Cochem to the various sights in the area. During this cruise you can quietly enjoy all the beautiful things the region has to offer. Cochem is also a popular mooring point for a so-called Moselle cruise.

#8. Walking
In the vicinity of Cochem you can take fantastic walks. The hilly landscape of the city is ideal for long and short walks through the beautiful nature. It is nice to visit one of the neighboring villages during your walk. At the local tourist office it is possible to obtain information about the different routes that can be walked near Cochem. It is also possible to combine a walk with a ride on the Sesselbahn. If you have a GPS device, you can download several routes in the Cochem area.

#9. Wildlife and Leisure Park Klotten/Cochem
The Klotten game and recreation park is a nice mix between a zoo and an amusement park. About one hundred and twenty different animal species live in the zoo. Most of the animal species that can be found in the zoo are native to this area. Supplemented with some wild cat species, coatis, ostriches and other exotic animal species. In the small but nice recreation park of Cochem you can find some white water courses, a roller coaster and other fun attractions. The recreation park mainly focuses on the younger children. The park also has a puppet theater and various falconry shows are given.

#10. Saint Martin
‘s Church The Saint Martin’s Church in Cochem is a Roman Catholic church belonging to the Diocese of Trier. The church is located on the Moselpromonade on the left bank of the Moselle. The oldest parts of the church were built in the second half of the fifteenth century. In the 1930s, a major renovation took place at the church. During the Second World War, a large part of the church was destroyed during a bombardment. The church was not rebuilt until the 1950s. The most striking thing about St. Martin’s Church is the pear-shaped spire.

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