Phuket Travel Guide

Phuket Travel Guide

Phuket is Thailand’s fast-paced favorite island. Lovely beaches and a warm climate invite you to holiday in Phuket, where it is easy to travel by package or on your own. Phuket is a beauty of the Andamans and a favorite destination of many Finns in Thailand. The country’s largest island has plenty of beautiful white sand beaches, clear water and lush jungle.


Thailand’s largest island

Phuket is a lush holiday island in the Andaman Sea in Thailand. Phuket’s diverse tourist offer includes jungles, fine sandy beaches, culture and good shopping. Thanks to them, the island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand .

Phuket is well suited as a family holiday destination. Phuket’s beaches are good and there is plenty to do for all ages from water sports to great golf courses. These factors have also made Phuket one of the most popular travel destinations for Finns, and trips to the destination are often sold out in an instant.

By far the most popular destinations in Phuket are its many beaches. Finding your own strip of sand from the busiest beaches can sometimes even be challenging. The most famous beaches in Phuket and the resorts built around them are Patong, Karon and Kata.

However, in addition to the beaches, you can also enjoy city life in Phuket. The old town blocks of Phuket, the island’s capital of the same name, offer things to watch, smell and taste, even for the whole day. Thailand’s long history meets the conveniences of a modern tourist destination here.

Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular holiday destinations.

Climate of Phuket

The climate in Phuket is suitable for Finnish tastes. Warm is always enough, but the sea also cools down a bit during the hottest times.

Due to the busiest season and climate, the best time to make a trip to Phuket is between November and March. That’s when prices also go up, so if you want to save a little and enjoy the quieter beaches, book a trip for the off-season.

May, September and October have traditionally been the wettest months. Even then, rains often occur in the afternoons and nights, but there can be long sunny periods during the day. The hottest season is between February and May, when average temperatures are 35-40 degrees. January is the coolest month, but even then the temperatures remain around 30 degrees.

The best beaches in Thailand

The best beaches in Phuket are located on the western edge of the island. There are also the most famous destinations on the island.

Many people think that Phuket’s beaches are even the best in Thailand. Many of the island’s beaches are long, soft sandy and in high season they are great for swimming. The most popular beaches in Phuket are lively Patong and the diverse Karon.

Kata Beach is a beautiful and long sandy beach that is well suited for a variety of water sports. Kamala Beach, on the other hand, is well suited for families with children, for example. Patong and other larger beaches also offer opportunities for a variety of water sports and fun.

Climate of Phuket

Shopping and pampering treatments

On dry land, plenty of shopping, cheap manicures and pedicures, tailoring services and massages make your holiday a luxury.

Thailand is an affordable tourist destination where you can eat, live and travel cheaply. Due to the large number of tourists, Phuket is not as affordable as many other areas of Thailand. Compared to the Finnish price level, however, Phuket is quite affordable.

In Phuket, shopping for gifts, souvenirs and clothes doesn’t make a very big notch in your wallet. Spices, clothes, leather goods, ornaments and handicrafts, for example, can be reserved in the suitcases for returning home.

Phuket’s old town is charming to others from ancient Thailand. Its lively streets with shops and huts offer entertainment and variety for beach life. The city’s temples speak of a long history.

Excursions and activities for all ages

In addition to lying on the beaches, swimming and shopping, Phuket has a lot to do for those who need it.

The nearby archipelago of Phuket offers great opportunities for day trips. For example, the Phi Phi Islands are definitely worth a visit for at least a day. Island trips usually include the opportunity to explore the stunning underwater scenery by snorkeling. And if you get really excited about snorkeling, you can of course go to the right diving course, for example, at a Finnish diving school.

You should also explore the hinterland of Phuket. For example, there are excursions to explore the rubber tree plantations, cooking and culture.

For golfers, Phuket is also a good holiday choice. The golf courses are beautiful and well maintained. To the delight of fishermen, you can try deep-sea fishing in Phuket. With good luck, you can grab the prey that makes Finnish pike pale.

Excursions around Phuket are offered by all Finnish tour operators and numerous local travel agencies. If you do not need a guide in Finnish, you can save a lot on excursions purchased from locals.