Phone Locking Too Much? See What to Delete to Solve!

When your Android phone is very slow, you can even leave it as factory reset by doing a factory reset, but for most people, this reset can do more harm than good, deleting information you needed, fading with photos which you forgot to back up.

Phone Locking Too Much See What to Delete to Solve

To prevent factory reset, we list what you need to do to free up space on your phone and eliminate the memory lockout problem.

Locking and slowing cell: the main cause is the lack of internal memory

Keep all your documents and photos on the SD card, but not apps. Applications need faster access speeds of storage on the device. But installing too many apps will take up much of the phone’s internal memory, as well as chat applications will take memory of your cell phone while downloading photos and videos to your device. Solving the problem of too much space occupied in the internal memory of your mobile phone, 90% of the device crashes will end. And it’s worth starting with what’s heavier: photos and videos.

Cell phone locking and unplugging? Organize and back up photos and videos

Store your photos and videos on the SD card if your phone has this option. Just open the camera application of your device, go into settings, storage, and put in “External SD / SD Memory Card”.

Anyone who does not have an SD card or who wants to leave the SD card with more free space should use some sort of cloud storage, preferably automatic storage. All popular cloud storage applications  have the option to trigger automatic backup of photos and videos. Just install the application and it will usually ask if you want to store the photos and videos automatically. If it does not ask, go to the “settings” within the application, and enable the “automatic storage / backup of photos and videos” option.

Cell Phone Locking: What To Do? Freeing up duplicate contacts!

You may have too many duplicate contacts on your phone. The first way to clean them is by signing in to your Google account that is connected to your Android phone from your computer by accessing the Google Contacts site . At the top of the screen, a text will appear suggesting to merge contacts. If it does not appear on the left side, there is a “find duplicate contacts” option. Click. Review the contacts and click “merge all” or merge one by one. This will reduce the storage size of your contact list considerably. The same can be done with Apple accounts.

Mobile locking too much: time to clean applications!

After clearing the duplicate photos and contacts, it’s time to clean the apps to stop the cell from crashing . You can use an app to organize and delete your apps, using the “clear cache” and “clear data” options. Then, make the application organization by size in the application, and delete the applications that occupy more space and you do not use.

To do the same on an Android phone, tap “Settings,” go to “Storage,” and touch “apps.” Swipe sideways and touch the button that opens the Android options menu. Select “Organize applications by size.” Tap the application, and tap “clear data” and “clear cache.” Remember that you will lose your application data, and you will need to re-log in.

On the iPhone and iPad, both to delete the cache and to delete the application, tap and hold on each application on the home screen until the screen shakes. Tap the X next to the application that takes up too much space to delete it. If you want to stay with the app, just reinstall from the App Store.