Paranoid Android Prepares Its New Notifications System, Halo

Paranoid Android It is a ROM more popular lately among users of these solutions, and its creators are preparing the development of a new and colorful notifications system called Halo.

This type of notification takes lent some ideas for the redesign of Facebook Messenger as calls Chat Heads. Halo collects all notices that are coming to us and shows them when you want and wherever you want on your Android desktop.
The property had been long in development and finally we can see it in action, thanks to a new video posted by those programmers who have surprised friends and strangers by devising a system of notifications that so far Nobody in the mobility segment had created.

Paranoid Android already was a pioneer in other visual features such as the famous foot Controls – although actually already existed much before being integrated in the ROM-which are now used in many other ROMs. It is expected that Halo reach soon stably Paranoid Android. We leave you with the video: