Orange Will Worsen The Conditions of Your Fare If You Indicate No Otherwise

The large operators begin to take greater account to their customers even if they have taken almost five years to react to the importance of Telstra and MVNOs gave from his birth in aspects as the simplicity of the offer, transparency and listen to more users.

Movistar has renewed a few days ago its rates with similar principles, Vodafone also simplified them in sizes of clothing refonzandolas this week with a commitment to guarantee and is now Orange which reacts to the stir originated after the announcement of a change of conditions to early adopters who hired its basic rate.

The first version of Orange basic offered a discount of the 50% to your Mini flat rate half price leaving the quota, messages, minutes and the call set-up while signing a stay every 12 months and phone is not caught.

But the riot occurred this month when its users have begun to receive a letter informing them of a change in the terms of the tariff, citing technical reasons in a way that from 1 December, automatically begin to pay 1.50 euros more fee, 1.50 cents more on SMS and price per minute while the call set-up costs are 50% in Exchange for suppressing the permanence in the rate.

Reporting news that obviously not laid nothing well among users so Orange has decided to rectify for the first time faced with a similar situation that It will maintain the current conditions to customers who request it until the 31st of December If they send an email to indicating the data of the owner of the line and phone number not to make the change of rate.

At least on this occasion will be given the option to keep the old conditions if not you seem well the changes rather than worsen the conditions as we have become accustomed to breaking too many times announced offerings to life.

Then they complain that they have lost credibility, but will only begin to recover the confidence value to their users and actions as of today can be a good start but they have to continue to improve and will not relax with simple ads. Users are tired and need more facts evidencing a shift in their relationship with the customer.