Orange Will Maintain Subsidies to All in Its New Model of Relationship with The Customer

Orange just announced at the press conference in which we find that it stands out from Movistar and Vodafone to keep mobile both new customers and existing subsidies with the same price thanks to its program renewal style for what today has wanted us to present their new model of customer relationship based on trust.

The intention at the moment is none other than the of improve customers satisfaction with proposals similar to the Vodafone or Movistar commitments and that Orange will collect under the motto “ that everything is easier for you, we care about ” because it is now they do not want small letters. The new model is based on three pillars:

Orange peace of mind will be more than a mobile insurance

The mobile phone has become essential for many of our daily activities and to give solution to users who may have any problem with your terminal, Orange launches the service peace of mind in two optional methods:

  • Total peace of mind It is the product most complete in less than 48 hours, including a Mobile spare peer that the insured for cases of theft, breakage or malfunction; a SIM’s “peace of mind” to retrieve the line at the time, services of backup of contacts and customer service in the 1474 in which a same agent will take care of all the paperwork. All by price ranging between 4, 8 or 12 euros a month, according to the range of terminal..
  • Tranquility Orange sends a replacement of the same range phone in a maximum of 48 hours While the damage is repaired and also offers the services of backup, SIM tranquility and number 1474 of personalized for a monthly fee of 1 euro.

In addition, for customers who do not hire this service, all Orange stores will have terminals of loan (possibly from low range) to meet the needs of customers who do not want or cannot wait for yours at warranty repair.

Your Orange expert to help you configure your smartphone

The intention is that all guests leave the store with your phone configured similarly to the Vodafone Apptualize service.

Start your Smartphone It is a new service from Orange stores in which a total of 4,000 commercial will help you out of the store with your smartphone set to enjoy its advantages from the start but if you have any questions specific, others 200 certified experts by leading manufacturers of mobile phones help you in appearance more complex you can also consult through or by telephone at 902.051.322

In addition, to improve the customer service, they have renewed both the application and the online channel My Orange customers can manage their line more efficiently without having to call the call center.

Grants for all rates for all needs

Orange has opted for more coherent in the market in which we find ourselves and subsidies of their terminals with its ‘ Renove style has been adjusted so that they would remain sustainable without having to make business changes as radical as those of Movistar and Vodafone.

For Orange, the subsidy model responds to a very important demand market so It will continue to offer mobile from 0 euros because most still interested in having access to smartphones with attractive prices in Exchange for staying at a certain rate. Some of those who will arrive in April are the HTC One S or the Motorola Motolux and its low price It will encourage customers to continue hiring data services.

And for those above all seeking cheap rates, Orange will keep your SIM only with basic which allows you to talk and send messages by 6 cents.

Orange improves program Debuts and recycle the repurchase of the old mobile now also includes up to 250 free points by phones that don’t work (the problem remains that it is not possible to renew with points if you stay). Or up to 255 euros of discount on the purchase of the new terminal if the device still works.

Do you think that Movistar and Vodafone will get to retain customers with prices more attractive than the Orange so that you end up not changing?

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