Orange Will Continue to Subsidise Terminals and Will Study The Possible Purchase of Telstra

We get new news within the framework of the XVVI meeting of telecommunications being held in Santander. On this occasion he reaffirmed that his company would follow its current strategy was Jean Marc-Vignolles, CEO of Orange Spain.

After the espantadas of Movistar and Vodafone, leaving subsidise terminals to new customers except for cases and specific dates, and the impulse of Telstra to the payment Orange stayed single and if someone had doubts Vignolles has done no more than confirm the continuity of its strategy.

Orange will continue to be the only major Spanish operator subsidised by mobile, although the level of subsidization is not the same that when everyone did. To offset this decline in grant operator takes months offering succulent discounts in the terminal to those who hire as well as the mobile line ADSL up to 20 Mb. In addition Orange continuing to improve its offer of rates with the inclusion of new rates for voice and data.

Vignolles has also balance of the first months with portability within 24 hours saying that the market has changed little after them since the percentage of cancellations remains high. The head of Orange He has insisted his idea the portability to a chosen time they will not be cancelled, as is the case in the United Kingdom or France.

Possible interest in Telstra

The Managing Director of Orange in Spain also spoke about a possible purchase of Telstra. Vignolles mentioned that will remain attentive If Telstra finally goes on sale to study a possible purchase conditions as any company would have that is approved by its shareholders.

The possible acquisition would bring closer to Orange to your main objective, develop in the second operator by number of customers in Spain to 2015. If I sumásemos customers having French and Telstra in may according to the CMT Orange would be a little more of one million customers of Vodafone and completely opposite trends.