Orange Tahiti Is Already Available, Hides a Huawei MediaPad

The operator Orange bets on tablets and presents a new model under its own brand, which in fact is one known and well appreciated. We speak of Orange Tahiti, which a Huawei MediaPad behind their packaging.

Although it has been a couple of months in European markets, this month of April is put on the market for 329 euros, and does so with OS Honyecomb. Also accessible from the operator options:

  • 69 euros, associated rate Internet Everywhere 39 (permanence 24 months)
  • 209 euros associated to Internet Everywhere 23 (permanence 24 months)
  • in the program of Orange points from 119 EUR

Orange Tahiti, specifications

In regards to specifications, Orange Tahiti is a much more interesting tablet of what one might think of a product signed by operators. In regards to the operating system, it would have been good to appear with Ice Cream Sandwich, and the truth is that we do not know the brand updates policy.

We have a dual core processor at 1.2 GHz, with 1 GB of RAM, and a seven-inch screen with a very good resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (217ppi).

The storage memory is 8 GB, the 5 and 1.3 megapixel cameras, with ability to record the main FullHD video. We have HDMI output, GPS receiver, and its weight is only 390 grams.

I leave you with a video of the Orange Tahiti so that you may know the product better: