Orange Relaunches Libon, Its Own Alternative to WhatsApp That Allows VoIP and Free

The popularity of WhatsApp has provoked an immediate consequence for operators: the decline in revenues from SMS, which in many cases has not been offset by the increase in the procurement of data rates. How alleviate this effect? Trying to take your land users launching their own alternatives. We saw it with Joyn or Tu Me and we are now back to live with Libon.

Despite the little successes of the other alternatives, Orange also wants to try to steal a piece of the pie to Whatsapp with Libon, that for now it is only available for iOS. Soon you will reach Android, although there is a date estimated either for this or for other operating systems. The application is free and is available for all operators, without that user belong to Orange.

The element that perhaps more difference to other alternatives like WhatsApp or Joyn Libon is the possibility of make free VoIP calls between two devices that are using the application. This, unfortunately for them, does not mean that it will be an instant success, and if that does not say it to your me, which also offers it among its features but today is another application that remains rather sluggish. Libon also maintains your voicemail, one of the services that the application already possessed from the beginning, before becoming what today we have presented.

Orange will leverage Libon for offer other premium services (e) attempt to monetize this service also. Apparently, they will make offers customized for each country that will allow, for example, make a call from the application itself to traditional numbers or use hosting services in the cloud. By now there are many more details about these possible additional functionalities.

The big question now is whether users will be displayed as sufficiently interested in making change. To date, it seems quite difficult. If most of the people are using certain applications and what you show just add anything different to what already offer these, what is the incentive so that users make the leap to another different app which, Furthermore, is much less used between your current contacts? Libon is going to be difficult, very difficult, although it is never more arising new alternatives so that the large market dominators not fit in its position.