Orange Makes His Plan Combines and Saves in a New “FusióN” by 42,95 Euro Per Month

In the past two months have seen a real bidding war that unite in a single invoice landline, mobile and broadband fixed started by Movistar with its merger, but which was still missing an important player, Orange.

We do not know if by waiting to know the competitive offerings or for being the only one of the four major mobile operators that maintains a clear strategy of grant of terminals, French has been the last to present its own “Fusion”.

Orange framed its new product into their combining and saves by which now offered best prices in ADSL to mobile contract customers, but what is presented now is a product that integrates both services, with a mobile rate which at the moment is not available only separately.

The new combines and saves will have a price final 42,95 EUR per month It includes fixed line with unlimited calling between mobile lines of Orange and the landline and mobile phones Orange together, ADSL up to 20 Mb and one Mobile line with 200 minutes for calls and 500 Mb at maximum speed.

Details about

What you still unknown This new product, which you can hire from December 3, is its permanence, possible grants or payment by instalments of smartphones, permanence and second lines, what if we know that they will depart from the eight euros per month.

While there are still many details about the new combines and saves you could say that it planted face their rivals more direct by price and features, although it remains to be seen How does this product within the mobile strategy of Orange, as differentiated from Movistar and Vodafone.