Orange Launches New 15 Squirrel for Those Who Speak Little and Want to Browse

Restructured the rates of Orange last month with several additions and other print rates, face Christmas in addition Orange will include two new modalities, the first of them already available as Squirrel 15.

In this way, Orange orphan will accompany squirrel 8 with the new version Squirrel 15 highlighting to include 150 free SMS to any destination 24 hours and Unlimited navigation (with speed reduced to 128 Kbps from 150 MB to 64 Kbps from 300 MB) in Exchange for a fee of 10 euro. And just like the previous squirrel, calls will have a cost of 8 cents per minute (more call set-up 15 cents) that will have to cover a additional minimum consumption at the fee of 5 euros per month.

In addition Squirrel 15 is compatible with the module Mi Familia, Tarifa Plana family, bonds SMS, my favourite Orange, international module and module travels and speaks, Smart SIM, friends to 0-on Sunday Orange. And as in the rest of Orange rates, register at squirrel 15 has a cost of 15 euros for new high or changes in rates for lower monthly consumption rate.

An optional improvement as compared with the squirrel 8 + bonus internet saving, in Exchange for 2 euros more than fee, get free messages, 50 MB to maximum speed and other 150 MB during which the reduced speed is 128 Kbps instead of 64 Kbps.

Enough for? talk little and sail with a subsidized smartphone or do you prefer to Telstra with its 8 Euro fee which allows talking for 8 cents and browsing 500 MB? Do or prefer a free smartphone set to your needs combined with an MVNO? If we compare the rates to speak and surf, perhaps the choice is easier if we first ask ourselves What do we need on the mobile? rather than whether the “best mobile market” sale more profitable, subsidized or not.