Orange Cut in Roaming of Your Service Navigation Travel a 1 Euro Per Day of Use

After announcements of Movistar and Vodafone, did not wait for the response of Orange for those who speak and sail for Europe and has just announced the update of its Travel service that will allow navigate from your mobile for 1 euro a day.

As in the offerings of competitors, only Orange applies the daily fee for use day and even if it is true that it has the cheapest, which is also less MB has to be included in the quota 5 MB and excess to 1 euro every 5 MB. Clearly beneficial if only we take into account that by default rate is 70 cents/MB although its main disadvantage is that it charged by daily blocks instead of pricing by real KB consumed from the Eurotariff.

In addition, Travel is also directly benefits in one improvement of the voice rates Since it keeps 50% of discount on the new price, which enters into force on 1 July and that conforms to the requirements of the EU. Discount linked to another daily fee euro if you make or receive calls.

Thus, clients of contract or card that decide to activate Travel may navigate in Europe from 1 euro/day-use and talk by another daily euro more 14.50 cents per minute performed or 4 cents per minute for receiving calls.