Orange Began to Subsidize Way Joint Smartphones and Tablets with Whale’s New Rates

In a first half of the year, scrambled in the sector of mobile telephony in Spain Orange He decided that was probably his best move, continue to subsidise terminals to new customers while its most direct competition would let him do.

The result after a few months without subsidies in Movistar and Vodafone was clear, while these lost customers thousands Orange returned to lead the acquisition of customers. Seeing that this policy works the operator Orange to gives you another turn their subsidies with new rates whale.

The new strategy through to subsidize such fees, ranging from 1 to 3 Gb of maximum speed sailing, a smartphone and a tablet at the same time with a single contract, also using that whale rates clients may have two SIM cards for five euros of high.

The first official offer which has launched Orange is a Samsung Galaxy SII together with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 of 10.1 inches and 3 G for 199 euros with the rate Whale 55, that includes 500 minutes for calls, 1000 SMS and 3 Gb of traffic at maximum speed, with their 24-month stay.

This double offer with new rates is the first official even though the authorized distributors of the operator are already beginning to make their own offerings. Now we have to wait to see if other operators are encouraged to replicate this approach offering a smartphone and a tablet with a same rate.