Orange Also Apply 20% Discount Rate When They Carry Subsidized Terminal

Orange It won’t it is to put nothing easy to their main competitors this month and is that if the news that has already spread Movistar and Vodafone “ already do not give mobile ”, Orange is launching clear signs that they will go another way maintaining subsidies to all, improving service friends for free, supplementing its range of smartphones with the HTC One S , Sony Xperia S or Motorola Motolux, and now introducing Renove style improvements.

Renove style is the system for new and current customers have access to the same prices of mobile subsidized that from now on is complemented with a new option for those who they have no permanence and already have a mobile.

15% discount on the fee that applies Vodafone under similar conditions to improve, matching to mobil R and without reaching the attractive 50% discount from ONO, Orange apply a 20% discount on any rate fee for 12 months in Exchange for a stay at Orange for 1 year.

In this way Orange complete their Basic 6 rate, which until now was only available rate without grant of mobile partner for those who prefer to buy his free and untethered.

Bridging differences, don’t you think that Vodafone and Orange are betting on a too-like model?