OnePlus Two, Its Rumored Features Are Made Public

If this morning we told you about the successor of the LG G3 and its possible features Today it’s up to the OnePlus Two, the natural relief of the OnePlus One shift. Expectations are high after seeing than they were able with your first device and even more after the launch by its Xiaomi Xiaomi my notice and my Note Pro, which we already have the first video in hand.

It is striking that to continue with the idea of selling it with its famous invitation system, strategy, which it seems went them well with the OnePlus One. Your screen would keep the 5.5 inch but its resolution would grow to QuadHD and OnePlus will make an effort to try to reduce its size by removing edges.

Inside the processor and the memory RAM would be similar to the Xiaomi my Note Pro, i.e., Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and 4 GB of RAM, numbers that could be standard on the high end of this next year or at least the first half of this. Your battery will be approximately in the 3300 mAh, but these data should not take is the foot of the letter, since they are just rumors.

One aspect that wouldn’t too customer is that possibly the starting price will rise slightly What we had used, with about 370 euros. The version of Android that will take will be based on Android Lollipop with the CyanogenMod ROM. In the coming months we’ll have more news that will bring us more light on the expected new OnePlus terminal.