Nokia, Finances, The Long-Awaited Samsung Galaxy S III and The Rematch of The Messaging Operators. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

One more week, and to culminate the week that is coming to its end, comes the usual Sunday review of the news in the world of mobile devices in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. And how it could be otherwise, started sweeping to House, given the relevance of certain stories arising along these last seven days and which leave firm constancy in Engadget Mobile.

  • Beginning with the announcement of poor financial results of Nokia in the first quarter of the year, while those of Espoo are busy in producing units of the in order to meet the demand in the US market with the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 900. However, the explanation may perhaps read it between the lines of the opinions collected by the Reuters news agency and whose claim is not beneficial for the Finns: Lumia phones are not competitive with respect to iOS and Android.
  • However, the news of the week was the confirmation of the event the next day for May 3 in London, where Samsung will present the new generation Galaxy, which we suppose may be a new tablet and, as not, the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III, which our colleagues from Engadget they do a full review of that, almost in all probability, we can find.
  • From Engadget ON inform us that the next month of may Movistar will guests Joyn, new Instant Messaging service sponsored by the GSM Association and will compete directly with the already well known Whatsapp, Skype or BlackBerry Messenger, to name a few. We can not let go one of the chapters of the special remote management of a computer from iOS that already is the third of its episodes and that may be the most instructive.
  • In Engadget Android You can delight yourself with the latest installment of the exhaustive analysis to Sony Xperia S. Essential reading for those who are thinking of renewing your terminal. Our friend portal also takes the opportunity to give a little joy to the lucky owners of the free version of the Samsung Galaxy S II in Spain, which has just received the official update for 4.0.3 Android Ice Cream Sandwich. If you have not already done you, remains much Sunday ahead.
  • Quiviger It presents the new service geolocalization of friends who, under the name of Space-time, allows to know, always and when our colleague’s consent, their exact location on the map. That Yes, the peculiarity of this rudimentary application lies in the complete independence of the platform used by those who seek to know his position. But what is even more important and we can not set aside, it is the announcement of the future marketing at the end of this year of the first terminals Boot to Gecko in Brazil. An initiative in which, as already discussed in this same publication, Movistar has also joined efforts.
  • Finally, as a closing to a Sunday in the most entertaining way possible, we leave the link to Applesfera with the latest announcements issued in the United States where great known big screen trying to show all the benefits of iPhone 4S through Siri.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.