New Service “Free among Us” of Orange and Two New Rates Lion with SMS Free

After new rates filed this week by Vodafone and Yoigo, Orange also it will introduce several new features in their particular contract rates committed to strengthen aspects where the operator weakens in comparison with its main competitors so as of March 5, it will include free calls to frequent numbers that are under the same owner and free SMS with Leon rates.

Among us is the evolution of the rate flat family that will be compatible with all the contract rates (existing or discontinued) and allow talk for free (0 cents min and 0 settlement) between the lines that are the same name up to a maximum of 1,000 minutes per line and No monthly fees. It will only cost 15 euros/line in the squirrel rates activation or with price per minute and will be free for the flat.

An advantage that seems to try to cope with the VIPs from Vodafone as the calls between us not deduct minutes if you have a rate flat and although it is only possible to activate it if you find yourself under the same headline, can benefit up to 5 lines at the same time While the number of available VIPs depends on the rate of voice.

New lion rates with free SMS

Orange at the end you decide to bet on include free messages in some of its fares, but unlike the Movistar and Vodafone, makes it a more practical way giving SMS only voice rates that do not hire internet and in general, make a more intensive use of sending messages to not be able to access regularly other services like whatsApp.

It is actually an update of Leon 24 and 32 lion going to cost 1 euro more per month to include 1,000 SMS free to any national destination, being optional change for existing customers that will keep the version without messages until you request the change. The general offer of follows is Orange rates: