Mythical Mexico

Mythical Mexico

On the Phoenix Tour of Mexico, you are treated to magnificent landscapes, outstanding historical monuments, many hours of sunshine, wonderful beaches and hospitable people. Yes, here is everything to give you an unforgettable trip. You will feel welcome from the moment you land in the capital Mexico City until you return home from the seaside resort of Playa del Carmen. Mexico City mixes antique and modern in a way that is unique among the world’s metropolises. The old and the new are literally in layers upon layers, as the modern city was built on the cult site of the old Aztec culture. The pyramids of Teotihuacán, the state-of-the-art architecture of the stock exchange, the ancient texts and images of the Sunstone – the contrasts are constantly present. We really get to experience the different stages of history in Mexico, everything from the early Native American cultures, over the Spanish conquest and up to today’s modern metropolitan environments. The tour of Mexico takes you through Mexico City, one of the world’s largest cities, to the mighty pyramids of the City of Gods, Teotihuacán and to the special Mexican atmosphere in the floating gardens of Xochimilco. During the rest of the trip, you will encounter the rich history of the Maya Indians in the enchanting Palenque, charming Uxmal and magnificent Chichén Itzá. Finally, it’s time for relaxation with sun and swimming in Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean Sea with its turquoise waters. Here you get the opportunity to digest all the impressions and start planning your next trip to Mexico!

Mythical Mexico 2

Day 1: Travel to Mexico
Flights to Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. Meals are included on board the long-haul flight. Arrival in the evening, transfer to the hotel and check-in. Overnight in Mexico City. (Dinner)

Day 2: Mexico City
Culture and folk life is today’s theme. First there will be a visit to the Saturday market “Bazaar del Sábado”, where artists and artisans gather around the small square to exhibit their work. Then we stop in the colonial district of Coyoacán, where we see the Blue House, Frida Kahlo’s former residence. We continue to Xochimilco, where many city dwellers gather during the weekends and here we get to take part in a wonderful life. You take a seat in the boats and head out onto the canals in what was once called “the floating gardens”. The trumpets clatter and the song sounds. On the way home we visit the beautiful Dolores Olmedo Museum. We also pass the university campus and the Olympic Stadium and take photo breaks. Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 3: Mexico City
Today’s excursion begins with a visit to the Guadalupe Basilica, one of Latin America’s holiest sites. Here we experience the bustling life outside the sanctuary, where religion and commerce are mixed in a peculiar way. Different Native American cultures have succeeded each other throughout Mexico’s history. Mexico City was built by the Aztecs, but it was the Teotihuacans who built the huge Sun and Moon Pyramids at Teotihuacán, just over 30 km outside Mexico City. The dimensions are enormous and one can only marvel that this was created without our modern technical aids. The size becomes even more noticeable if you choose to climb one of the pyramids! Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 4: Mexico City
Artist Diego Rivera’s monumental fresco on Mexico’s history at the National Palace becomes a natural prelude to this morning’s city tour. The palace was built where the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlán, used to be. Ruins from part of the temple area, Templo Mayor, have been excavated next to the palace. The tour continues through the city’s bustling street life among wide boulevards, magnificent monuments, trendy shopping streets, lush parks and exclusive residential areas. The afternoon for your own adventures. Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 5: Mexico City – Villahermosa
Transfer to the airport and flight to Villahermosa in the state of Tabasco. The flight takes about an hour. In La Ventaparken, we get acquainted with the history of the enigmatic Olmec people and here we get to see, among other things, colossal stone heads that have been transported through the jungle. Overnight in Villahermosa. (Breakfast and dinner)

Day 6: Villahermosa – Palenque
In the morning we leave Villahermosa which is the capital of the state of Tabasco and continue by bus to Palenque in the state of Chiapas. We arrive at our hotel at lunchtime and in the afternoon it is time for relaxation. Overnight in Palenque. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 7: Palenque
At dawn we head to the enchanting archeological site of Palenque. Among the rainforest and ruins, the ancient Maya people emerge from the mighty ruins and filled with their history, we continue further into the rainforest until we reach the beautiful waterfalls at Agua Azul. Here is an opportunity to swim in the jungle environment. Overnight in Palenque. (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch and Dinner)

Day 8: Palenque – Campeche
Today we leave Palenque and travel through the fertile agricultural state of Tabasco to Campeche. We take a lunch break on the Gulf of Mexico with the opportunity to swim and then we continue to Campeche which is the capital of the state of Campeche. The city is located on the Gulf and was well fortified during the Spanish colonial era. The location by the sea meant that the area was often exposed to pirate attacks. Some of the retaining walls are still there. After dinner, we take a short walk in the city’s beautiful city center, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Overnight in Campeche. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 9: Campeche – Uxmal The
bus journey takes us further into the Yucatan Peninsula and to the charming Mayan ruins in Uxmal. The buildings have an outstanding elegance with beautiful decorations and the rain god Chak is often present. We see the Wizard’s Temple, which according to legend was built in one night, and the beautiful government building that the Spaniards gave the name “Nunnery”. Adjacent to the archeological site we visit a chocolate museum. Here we get to know everything about the cocoa bean’s path to chocolate. In the afternoon, it’s also time for your own walks in the archeological site and lazy hours by the hotel’s swimming pool. In the evening we see an enchanting sound and light show in the archeological area. Overnight in Uxmal. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 10: Uxmal – Mérida
After breakfast we visit a hacienda. In the 19th century, there was a large production of sisal, a natural fiber extracted from the leaves of the agave plant. After the tour on the hacienda, we continue to Mérida, which is the capital of the state of Yucatán. Mérida is called “the white city” and is one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities with many buildings in Spanish colonial style. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many families became wealthy in sisal production and built their palaces along the main street, Paseo de Montejo. We do a city tour on foot where we, among other things. a sees the Governor’s Palace, famous for its expressive murals and by bus we drive along the main street and see the beautiful villas. Overnight in Mérida. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 11: Mérida – Chichén Itzá – Playa del Carmen The
day offers a visit to Chichén Itzá. Here we are fascinated by the Mayan people’s magnificent ruin area, which in 1988 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and since 2007 belongs to the world’s seven new wonders. We see the most famous building “El Castillo” which is a pyramid with 365 steps, the ball field, the sacred sacrificial well and the observatory with its characteristic snail tower. In the afternoon, the journey continues to Playa del Carmen by the turquoise Caribbean Sea. After check-in at our beach hotel, you have time to both get to know the village and be caressed by the warm sea. Overnight in Playa del Carmen. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 12: Playa del Carmen
Relaxing days at the beach hotel. You can also buy excursions on site to snorkel, dive on the island of Cozumel or visit the large park Xcaret where it is possible to swim with dolphins. Overnight in Playa del Carmen. (Breakfast)

Day 13: Playa del Carmen
A day of laziness. Overnight in Playa del Carmen (Breakfast)

Day 14: Playa del Carmen
A day of laziness. Overnight in Playa del Carmen. (Breakfast)

Day 15: Return from Cancun
Transfer to Cancun Airport and flight to Mexico City. We visit the Anthropological Museum, one of the world’s most interesting museums. Here we experience the country’s rich past and get to see fantastic art treasures from Mexico’s different Native American cultures. In the evening transfer to the airport and return trip. Meals are included on board the long-haul flight. (Breakfast)

Day 16: Homecoming
Arrival at the boarding place.

Mythical Mexico