MTV Requests That Google Remove YouTube Videos

The station television MTV sent an extrajudicial notification to Google in which he asks that all videos from your property that are available on YouTube are impounded and that the Mountain View company to pay for the content. Currently MTV does not receive a penny even for their own programs that are watched on the video site.

André Mantovan, general director of the station, said the column Another Channel Folha de São Paulo that the company tried to talk to Google, but it did not go ahead. “We want to get paid because by our content. If you do not pay, we will take legal action, “Mantovani said.

According to the newspaper, the MTV want your videos to be inaccessible while a deal with Google is not done. Interestingly, the company’s first conversation with the search site’s board was last Thursday, and already on Monday they made ​​the request for the videos to be removed.

The person responsible for Google’s communications, Felix Ximenes, said YouTube is “judicious” in respect of copyright. So much so that between the video site partners are TV Globo and Rede Record.

While MTV videos do not go down, you can continue to watch Marcelo Adnet imitating Silvio Santos singing “Sweet Child O ‘Mine”. Oe!