Matter of Size, Code Source and Applications without Using. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

One more week, and not to lose one of our most healthy Sunday customs, we turn to walk through “most flowery” of the Spanish mobile blogosphere, Dear readers.

What has been the worst-rated business of the year?, extremely useful applications end up raising dust in our terminals? What rate and which mobile operator are more adapt to us? Let’s start with our Galaxy Engadget Mobile of the week.

  • FACUA He has revealed what has been the worst company for them in this past year, and have news, it’s a mobile phone-related company. What that is? Better nation network partners reveal what you.
  • The (good) trendy mobile phone companies is the of release the source code of its terminals, so Sony and HTC they were not to be outdone. Offering the code and guidelines for its compilation and others offering kernels, have been compiled in for you.
  • According to studies recent, the size of our smartphones, especially if you’re male or female, that matter, or at least is reflecting the results. On Smartblog tell us that these conclusions are.
  • Do not know what the rate that best House with you, and which is the company that can offer? Don’t worry, our colleagues from “In Orange”, the blog of ING Direct, will make you easier to make a decision about.
  • Smartphones (Android in this case) and their great applications are a treat for everyone. We spent days installing super useful applications which… in reality, then we use or. In “The free Android” tell us which of those applications which are more tend to be forgotten in the bowels of our pockets.
  • Worker Cyanogen MOD team is preparing for the arrival of Cyanogen MOD 9, based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but, meanwhile, they are polishing your Cyanogen MOD 7 based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Would you like to know what are mobile phones that support 7.2 cyanogen RC, the new version of this famous MOD? In GoPonyGo give us the list in full.

The review was completed. Remember, as always, you can send us clues for the next installment of Galaxy Engadget Mobile to our contact mail.